Dream Log Entry #1 Murder at the Spare House


image obtained from: psychicsuniverse.com

image obtained from: psychicsuniverse.com

I started off as an observer, like a camera person, or an audience member magically looking in onto another’s life. I did not know who the girl in her early 20’s was, but I had a strange connection with her, understanding her thoughts, but distanced enough to be unable to affect them.

She had been pacing her room since before I’d arrived, wondering how to gain the attention and affection of a boy she’d just started crushing on. This irritated me immensely, as I somehow knew she also had a boyfriend. She kept telling herself that if she only had another room that she could use, she would be able to convince her crush to date her, and that would solve all of her problems. Her room was a pastel pink. Like something you would expect a young girl to live in, ruffles everywhere. I rolled my eyes as she made her way to the windowsill, one of the ones that had a sitting area under the window that popped out just a bit, typically seen in a Victorian styled house.

It was something like this, but there was no water, and the stilts were straight, no angled bars for support. the staircase to get to the door just straight out at a 45% angle down.  Image obtained from: floridamemory.com

It was something like this, but there was no water, and the stilts were straight, no angled bars for support. the staircase to get to the door just straight out at a 45% angle down.
Image obtained from: floridamemory.com

She stared at the carcass of the abandoned house that sat outside her window. It was a small, two bedroom home that was a dark wooden brown color, possibly because the entire thing was made of an unpolished, unfinished wood. The entire house sat atop stilts that held it up 2 or 3 stories in the air. It had a long single 45 degree staircase that was a straight shot from the ground to the front door. The house was abandoned long ago, and to me it looked structurally unsound, especially with how skinny the pillars it sat on were.

It was immediately apparent that she did not share my fears about this house, as she grabbed her backpack and raced up the rickety old stairs, which didn’t have a handrail, and up to the door of the tiny house. It wasn’t until she opened the door and stepped into the living room, that I realized the entire house was smaller than my first apartment. The living room was about 10 feet by 15 feet and seemed to also include the kitchen. The room was very dimly lit though, so I really couldn’t tell. Straight forward, about 10 feet from the front door, there was a small bathroom, and to the right of the room, in the center of that wall, maybe 7 feet from where the girl stood, was a door to a bedroom.

I followed the girl through the door and into a small dusty bedroom. Carefully, she placed a pearl necklace on the bed and took out her laptop to video chat with her crush. I had a very uneasy feeling about all of this, like I was not supposed to be there, like I was somehow invading someone else’s space, but another glance at the bed reassured me that nobody had been here for a while. Even though the house wasn’t lived in, and the bed was made and fairly clean, but everything else seemed to be dusty, the way a movie would portray an old abandoned room or house.

Around the time I finally relaxed about the trespassing thing, I heard the front door open and close quickly followed by the girl telling her crush that she had to go and that she’d talk to him later. All of her panic and worry flooded into me as soon as her laptop snapped shut. It mixed and stewed with mine as we both heard two distinct sets of footprints flood the tiny wooden living room.

Before either of us had time to reach the door and peek out at whomever just entered this supposedly abandoned property, we heard a deafening gunshot. Without thinking, I cracked open the large wooden door of the room we were in and saw a balding man in his mid 50’s. He was standing over a woman in her late 70’s who was writhing in a pool of her own blood on the hard wood floor. The man had his back turned to the doorway that I was staring from, but I could clearly see the handle of a pistol sticking out of the back of his pants. The man stepped around the woman and grabbed her arms, dragging her to the bathroom while her body twisted in pain trying to resist him.

I must gasped or made some sort of noise to alert him of my presence, which shocked me, as I wasn’t really aware I could be seen, or heard. I mean it made sense that I could be seen, but up until this point, nobody had paid any mind to me, especially the girl I had been following. He held his finger up to his lip in a shushing manner and told me in a deep, calm voice that I would die too if I so much as hinted to what I’d seen. I nodded, promising that I wouldn’t speak, fear creeping through my entire being as I saw the woman twitch on the floor. I closed the door and sunk to the hard wood paneling that seemed to spread through the entire house, unsure what to do.

image obtained from: wikimedia.org

image obtained from: wikimedia.org

I pulled out my phone to dial 9-1-1, but I wasn’t sure if that would just make things worse. I didn’t know if they could get worse, but I sat there, imagining the police trying to storm the place, but getting shot one by one as they entered the small shanty on stilts with only one narrow entrance. Besides, I thought, after he killed them, I knew this girl and I would be the next targets, with no hope of escape.

I decided to tell the girl who was with me what I had seen. We were both hiding behind the bed, knowing that it would block anyone’s view of us if they were to open the door. Apparently, she could see me too. Her eyes grew wide and wild when I told her what I had seen, and what the man said to me. We decided to run, to bolt for the front door at the same time and hope we could make it down the stairs with our lives. I pulled the door open a crack. I didn’t see the man, but the bathroom door was closed. I could still see the puddle of blood in the middle of the living room floor. It was at this point that I noticed the other bedroom of the house, on the right hand side of the wall opposite the room we were in, had at least a dozen people huddled in it.

A sad state of knowing loomed above me and I wholeheartedly regretted not calling for help. There wasn’t much I could do about it now though. I followed the girl out the front door and we raced down the old steps of the house. There was a lush green lawn that lay between the abandoned shanty on stilts and her home. We had somehow made it all the way to her house without any more shots being fired, locked the door behind us, and took a deep breath of relief. Once safe in her kitchen before I told her what I had seen in the other bedroom.

Her face dropped, she was horrified. She told me that we couldn’t go back, and that if we called the police, they would all be dead as soon as the man heard the sirens, and that we might all be. I hadn’t realized it, but in the kitchen with us was a larger man in his mid twenties. He had been listening to our whole conversation, I think he was the girl’s cousin, or brother, but I really didn’t know for sure. He told us that we were being ridiculous and that the old house on stilts had been abandoned for years, and he would prove it. We told him not to and tried to stop him, but he was much stronger than the two of us combined and simply shrugged us off before beginning his trip to the house.

By this time, the girl’s entire family had gathered around the kitchen’s screen door, which had a direct view of the front door to the house on stilts. I told them to close the door and get away, but they all just stood there and watching the young man climb the steps to the house and disappear behind its front door. I could feel my voice crack as I yelled to them to run, to leave this house to flee to safety, but my cries went unnoticed, or just ignored. I stood about 5 or 6 feet back from the crowd, still able to see the grass between the houses.

By the time I had heard the family’s gasp of horror, it was too late. The young man was sprinting across the lawn yelling for his family to run when I heard the gunshot, watched as his shirt turned crimson and saw him slump to the ground. The man from the abandoned house was behind him barreling towards the door. I yelled for the family to run, to lock the door, to flee, but none of them moved. It was like they were stuck there, frozen in time. By the time the man had reached the front door, I knew I needed to leave.

image obtained from: uwpd.wisc.edu

image obtained from: uwpd.wisc.edu

As I was inching toward the door on the opposite side of the house, I looked over my shoulder and saw the man had produced a large knife from somewhere and the floor near the kitchen door was splattered red. I threw open the screen on the opposite side of the house and began running. I wished I had been wearing shoes as I pulled my cell phone from my pocket and dialed 9-1-1. I cursed myself for not doing this sooner, when I was in the house on stilts, and couldn’t help but feel responsible for the slaughter that was probably still going on at the girls house, the girl who was my age.

When the operator picked up I whaled at her that I needed help immediately. Screaming that there was a crazy man murdering people and that I was running for my life, but he had a gun and I didn’t know if there was anywhere I would be safe. The woman calmly asked where I was and I screamed something about my cell phone having GPS and that she should use it to find me. I then realized I knew the address of the house I was running from, and told the lady on the phone where to go. I also told her the name of the gas station that I was approaching, that I planned to hide in.

When I got to the gas station the clerk looked at me in horror. I didn’t blame him though, I frantically explained to him the situation, as he stared at the bloody footprints I was leaving in his store, apparently the ground was in worse condition than I thought. The clerk had a shotgun and a handgun, the later of which he handed to me, and let me hide behind the desk, knowing my footprints would be a giveaway. I told the clerk to be careful, and that it might be best just to hide. He heeded my warning, ducking behind the counter-top on the other side of the station.

The cops were taking too long to get to me. I heard the door open and the armed man enter. I knew he was trying to eliminate all of the witnesses, and that he wouldn’t rest until I was gone. I crawled out of my hiding place behind the desk when I saw him approaching the clerk’s hiding place. He shot at me, and somehow missed. Instinctively, I shot back, aiming for his hand. He dropped his gun, but had another in his other hand that I hadn’t noticed. He shot at me again, I thought he missed, but I couldn’t be certain, too much adrenaline was coursing through my veins to pay enough attention to if I had been injured. I shot at his other hand and his knee. He dropped to the floor of the store and I, still crouched down, leaning against the counter, heard the sirens of the oncoming police. I squeezed my eyes shut, the nightmare had ended, and I was finally awake.

Image Obtained From: public.media.smithsonianmag.com

Image Obtained From: public.media.smithsonianmag.com

Happy Thursday! TGIF!

Thursday Image obtained from: http://www.alan.com

Happy Thursday!

…is what I would say if it were still Thursday… clearly I’m fairly incapable of actually sticking to a schedule or being on time. Not that this is actually news to me, but I feel like it’s important to say.Anyway, before I go on, I should probably explain what I have planned for the future of this blog. Hopefully if I publish it, then I will feel more obligated to follow through.

2015-calendarAs we all know, there are about 4 weeks in a month, however, that’s really just counting the full weeks as there are 7 days in a week, making 28 days in a month and leaving most months with 2 or 3 extra days per month (excluding this month, February) which is about ~ 1/3 of a week. Why is this important to you? It’s probably not. But it is relevant with what I have to say next!

I PLAN to update my blog every week… every Thursday to be precise. Unfortunately, as this Thursday is now Friday, I’m off to a fairly rocky start, but, as that cliché goes… if at first you don’t succeed…

So here’s the breakdown of what my posts will be about.

First Thursday of the month: Writing Exercises
–  I’m bringing them back ‘cause we all know I need to do them too!

Second Thursday of the month: Reviews
–  So I wanted to start doing reviews of… well, everything I’m interested in. It will range from books, to movies, to TV shows (if I ever decide to watch TV) to Video Games, Restaurants… just want to write about the good, the not so good, and the overall feel!

image obtained from: thedailyenlightenment.com

Third Thursday of the month: Dream Log
–  So this is the third “Thursday” of the month so in theory I should be sharing one of my recent dreams with you, but as I’ve been sick lately and haven’t had any of my usually cool, weird, or just plain scary dreams… I figured I’d just post on “future plans” this time around

Fourth Thursday of the month: Story of my Life
–  So, most of my blog so far has been me ranting or talking or just sharing my every-day life experiences, and I love that! But rather than post weekly on something interesting, cause let’s face it, there’s no way I can just magically make something interesting occur for me each week, I’ll limit these blurbs about my life to about once a month

Fifth Thursday of the month: And the Kitchen Sink
–  Yep, the 5th Thursday! Remember the weird math thing I was doing earlier in the post? Well this is why. Some months (January, April, July, October, and December this year) have 5 Thursdays… so I needed to figure out something that I could periodically post. I figured this category lets me post about anything and everything (you know the old phrase “… everything but the kitchen sink.”) Well I decided to let myself talk about everything, even the kitchen sink if I so desire! (I guess that means this post goes into the  5th Thursday category…)

Image from: 4.bp.blogspot.com

Well, I think that about sums it up. So let’s pretend that this was posted on Thursday instead of Friday… but TGIF! Hope you all have fabulous weekends and tell me what you have planned if there’s something fun (or daunting) on the to-do list!

In a Nutshell!

This past year flew by! I haven’t written about anything current since last march… 11 months! What was I thinking? So much has happened in this past year that I’m not entirely sure I can fit it all into a single post… but here’s for trying!

April 2014 – I honestly don’t know if I can do this per month…


Spring 2014 – Much Better! Acclimating to my new position in Marketing was a nervous transition. After a while I realized I did less here than I ever did over at QA. I wasn’t sure if it was because my bosses didn’t trust that I knew what I was doing (which was founded, I had no clue about anything marketing-related when they hired me) or if they were already so accustomed to their ways that they didn’t really have a place for me in their family. In any case, it was a lot of learning how to pace myself, a concept I was not all that familiar with… I did a lot of research on what was expected of entry level marketing and finally learned a few things that (hopefully) helped.

A few of the items you'll find on my Etsy shop ReadGameImagine

A few of the items you’ll find on my Etsy shop ReadGameImagine

With my At-work hours becoming less and less, I noticed I had much more time at home to focus on hobbies. Although I know I should have spent more time writing, I ended up picking up crochet and clay work again. With my crafts building up and my friend having just opened her own Etsy shop, I decided that maybe I should look into doing the same. Such is the birth of my own Etsy shop ReadGameImagine. As much as I love my little shop, I really didn’t design it to be a big cash cow. It’s primary existence is to find a new home for the crafty things I do for fun so that I can keep making them without trying to find places to put them in my already over-cluttered room. If you’re at all interested, you can check out my little online shop page Here.


Summer 2014 – Wow did a lot of stuff happen this season! It was around this time that I went to my first ever E3! If you are at all into gaming, this place is like Candyland! I walked into the secondary (I think it was secondary) hall where Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft had their booths (more like giant gaming displays of amazingness) set up and I could swear my eyes bulged so big they were going to fall out of my head. Granted I did have to work half the time I was there upstairs in one of the conference rooms greeting people as they came in for meetings with Little Orbit to look at our game lineup for 2014… but it was worth it. One of the days I was able to play Splatoon, one of the newest Nintendo license… character… title!

Gameplay Screenshot of Nintendo’s new game “Splatoon”… its way more fun than it looks (i know it kinda looks kiddy, but it’s fun for all ages! Image obtained from: http://blogs-images.forbes.com/davidewalt/files/2014/07/wiiu_splatoon_e3.jpg

The game was amazing. I hadn’t heard anything about it, but it’s a cute terf-war shooter where you play as a little squid character and are trying to cover as much of the map with your color ink as possible. I believe there were 8 players total, 4 per team, and it will be an online game. I haven’t really looked into it since, but even just thinking back at it makes me excited. I think the only part of E3 that had disappointed me was when I was playing a demo of Boarderlands: Pre-Sequel with a girl who had played the demo, according to her, 6 times… and she flew through the demo to where I was barely able to play at all. Very disappointing, especially after waiting for almost an hour to see it (it doesn’t matter too much now because I have the game and am actually planning to play some tonight!!). Unfortunately I was a bit salty from that for a few weeks after the show had ended.

This month also had a lot of non-work related drama going on. My best friend since middle school (7th grade to be precise) moved a few hours away. She actually just visited last weekend, but she really has only come out twice since. She seems happy though. My long-time boyfriend (and long-distance boyfriend) and I broke up. Nothing fancy really happened, but long distance with no foreseeable change is extremely difficult to overcome. We had been dating for almost 7 years and neither of us were really able/willing to relocate. The prospect of being separated physically for so long just became too overwhelming for me. As strange as it is. Since we broke up, he actually talks to me more. It went from talking for an average of about 20 minutes a day to over an hour a day… funny how things like that work out… Regardless I believe this is a good opportunity for both of us to find someone closer (within actual driving distance…) to date and make it work out. Something neither of us have done in our adult lives.


Fall 2014 – Work finally picked up! I have become the primary contact between Little Orbit and First Party (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo) for all marketing materials! Overall it’s been a great experience and I’m loving that I actually have work to keep my days busy.

My ex, Rob, carved the pirate kitty (left) and i carved the moon bat (right) sadly we had a very humid October this year, so even though they were only out for a few days they still molded before Halloween :(

My ex, Rob, carved the pirate kitty (left) and i carved the moon bat (right) sadly we had a very humid October this year, so even though they were only out for a few days they still molded before Halloween :(

My ex visited for Halloween. We carved pumpkins and went to Knotts as well as 6 flags for their Halloween events. It was almost like we were still together, almost. The whole thing was very fun but I think we both saw this as sort of our “last hurrah” so to speak. We still talk and play video games, but things are finally returning to a more normal online friendship than a stressful long-distance relationship.


Winter 2014/January 2015 – Work has slowed down considerably. Not just for me either. Most of the QA department was laid off due to lack of projects. I am very grateful that I was able to keep my position even though there is so little to do Minecraftaround here these days. I try to keep myself busy with any tasks I can think of, though the minecraft icon in the corner of my screen grows tempting from the 4-6 PM hours… I think everyone is itching to get back to work. We all miss being busy enough for the day to fly by just that much faster.

Dating sucks. I should probably elaborate… Dating really sucks! Why do people have to be so… awkward! I’m sure I’m probably awkward too… but seriously, dating sucks. I’ll be sure to elaborate on this later. There are plenty of stories I’d love to share!

February 2015 – Work has been slow again. I think it comes in waves depending on the season. My Etsy shop has been doing great this year. I think this year I’m almost on par with sales of all of last year! A few great things that have happened at work are that my company is hosting a “create your own Adventure Time character” where the winner will be featured in the next Adventure Time game. I’m excited to see who wins! I was able to do some voice recording that may (or may not) be used in one of our upcoming games. This actually inspired me to work on some of the parody songs I’ve been writing and singing for youtube. My first one is the only one that’s actually up and is called “Do You Wanna Run A Dungeon” and it was recorded and edited at about 2 AM… The song was written at about 10 PM. The story behind that was basically I had just finished watching Frozen a few weeks prior and I was trying to get a friend of mine to run a dungeon with me in Guild Wars 2. I ended up typing out “Do you wanna run a dungeon, Some AC or some CoF (both dungeon names in guild wars 2) then the song kinda unfurled from there… and yes he did end up playing AC with me! Success! This probably should have been in an earlier season, but it seems relevant to February as I’m currently working on a Mario Kart parody to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” even though I’m not a big fan of the song… the parody is titled “Race You All” and is not quite ready to be uploaded.

I pretty-much stopped dating. I’ll fill you in on some of the stories soon. One is a bit ongoing, unfortunately, but I will definitely share as soon as I have all the info for it!

As for the non-dating aspect of my social life… one of my best friends might be moving closer to me! (about 6 hours away) but MUCH closer than her current flying only distance. More on this as it develops! (as exciting as it is moving is always stressful, but its sure to be full of drama).

Sorry for the long post. It’s a bit of a challenge to fit a full year into a nutshell!

Day 4 – Animal Kingdom

By now, both of our feet hurt. No amount of shoe padding or hotel bathtub hot water soaks are rejuvenating enough to reset the neurons and possibly damaged tissue. We’re limping by the time we get into the park….

The Tree of Life at the center of Disneyworld's Animal Kingdom

The Tree of Life at the center of Disneyworld’s Animal Kingdom

And of course, everything changes when those front gates come into view! It’s like suddenly all of the energy surges through your body and you feel new, full of adrenaline, with an almost childlike ability to pretend you feel fine the second your parents say it’s time to go after hours of complaining.

I’m so incredibly bummed out that my camera died about halfway through this particular park, but the place was like a zoo, with rides! As much as I don’t like zoos, because animals don’t belong in cages, seeing so many cute and fluffy creatures at one time made me feel like a little kid and so excited to be there!


Escape from Everest Ride

There were three rides that I really remember going on. First was the “Escape from Everest” ride. This was a real roller coaster, not a 6 flags rollercoaster, but when we got off the ride, we could have sworn there was a part that went upside down. After looking it up, we found that it had a high banked turn that felt like it went upside down. I believe we were able to go on it a second time, just to be sure, but I can’t guarantee that was really how it happened.

The line for Escape from Everest snaked through a ton on interesting things, including a few sleeping arangements and many museum-like areas such as this exibit. It also included different large animal skulls!

The line for Escape from Everest snaked through a ton on interesting things, including a few sleeping arangements and many museum-like areas such as this exibit. It also included different large animal skulls!

The next ride that stood out to me was a dinosaur ride. This was an Indiana Jones (Disneyland) type ride. Really reminded me of it with how the cart moved, and all of the motions… but the story was different…. It involved dinosaurs and time travel, but I won’t give too much more away, because Disney rides, the story is a part of the experience! This one I do remember, we went on it twice.

Like many of the lines, the line for Dinosaurs wrapped around this cast dinosaur fossil with other casts mounted on the walls and some, what looked like actual fossils, stored behind glass.

Like many of the lines, the line for Dinosaurs wrapped around this cast dinosaur fossil with other casts mounted on the walls and some, what looked like actual fossils, stored behind glass.

As expected, I’ve saved the best for last. Easily the longest line in the park, we went on it both in the day and as the sun was going down, seeing different creatures each time. The ride was a safari through an Africa-styled area. The animal pens looked larger than I’ve seen at many zoos, and the animals seemed protected from one another. The safari driver told us that the landscapes and habitat areas were entirely maintained by the animals themselves, pointing out trees that were bulldozed and tusk marks left in the clay walls. My camera was alive for the first part of this so I was able to photograph giraffes, elephants, zebra, lions, a hippo, and even a rhino! We also did some walking trails after getting off the daytime safari and were able to see gorillas, kangaroo, ringtail leamurs, the world’s cutest monkey (I totally wanted to take this little guy home with me), and my personal favorite… bats!


Those were the 4 Days of Disney World Florida. Sorry it took so long for me to update everything! Now I can go ahead and write about all of the crazy things in my life since then! I can’t wait!

Voting Day

Disney Day 4 is coming, I promise, but today I thought there was a slightly more relevant post that I wanted to share, voting. See, I don’t want to persuade anyone to vote one way or another, and let’s face it, most people have probably already voted today… but not me.

Vote Buttons – Image obtained from voicewaves.org

I haven’t really decided if I want to vote because I haven’t really read through all of the campaigns and proposed bills. I’m actually quite irritated at the fact that only the county/city changes are covered in our sample ballets, so about half of the bills we can vote on, require voters to sift through all of the propaganda and advertisements on the internet to figure out what exactly they’re voting on. Unless of course, they want to base their decision on a two sentence blurb they can find on the ballet that is supposed to be used to remind voters what the proposition actually states. Instead, I’m sure, many voters check yes or no based on these short sentences rather than doing the extra sifting and research.

Although I understand voting is important, and without being the change, or at least supporting the change we want to see, nothing will really change. But, the unfortunate truth is that so few people feel like their vote counts, like what they do can make a difference. I’d like to believe it can, I’d like to believe I can trust a short blurb describing a proposition. I’d like to believe a lot of things about politics, but I don’t.

If I do end up voting today, it will only be on propositions. Even if I were to have followed what the candidates stood for, I know they’re only saying what they think I, as a potential voter, would want to hear.

So, here is to hoping that those of you who will, have, or would like to vote, are not just blindly checking boxes based on propaganda you’ve heard on the radio, internet, or television. Here’s to hoping that future voters are encouraged to make more informed decisions, rather than being told what decisions to make by the side with more cash lining their pockets.

Day 3 – Epcot

I have been way behind on life and writing.

I’ve spent way too much time being busy or staring at walls and nowhere near enough time reading and writing, until last Thursday, the night before Halloween, when I was inspired to write by a dream… but that’s a story for another post, which I promise, will be posted!

Epcot Ball with their front floral display!

Epcot Ball with their front floral display!

Epcot was beautiful. We went during the Festival of Flowers… Season of Spring? Well, truth is I really don’t remember what they called it, there were Disney characters sculpted from flowers and plants everywhere! It was gorgeous! It had everything from Phineas and Ferb, to Snow White and the 7 dwarves!

Snow White and the 7 Dwarves

Snow White and the 7 Dwarves

After being distracted by all the pretty plant sculptures, we went on one of the coolest rides here, Test Track. You plugged in the stats for

Fineas and Ferb

Fineas and Ferb

your car that you made up while waiting in line (I love theme park lines that let you do something rather than sitting there and twiddling your thumbs for 2 hours, or in this century, poking at apps on your phone…). The ride was the test drive for your car, seeing how it handled in different situations, then finally doing a speed run… I believe our car went about 62 MPH (since the ride was based on your own stats) and the car next to us with 59. Very fun and highly recommended.

Did I mention, After the test track ride, they had a car sales floor! This was one of the cars they had for sale!!

Did I mention, After the test track ride, they had a car sales floor! This was one of the cars they had for sale!!

After lunch, our feet were getting tired, again… we took a boat ride through the Disney agricultural ride, Living with the Land. The ride was very informative and we were lucky enough to stand next to an older couple in line that chatted with us, making the line go much faster.

Lion King

Lion King

We did a lap around the world, I was attempting the “drink around the world” but around my third drink I decided that wasn’t going to happen. I did get to try angry orchard, which was surprisingly really good. A few of my favorite moments happened up at the “world” part of Epcot. First, was a lady who drew a mickey head with a broom, dustpan, and water on the sidewalk. Of course we had been sitting on a bench at the time, both our feet too sore to even stand for the next few minutes, about 30 would be pretty accurate. The next thing that stands out boldly in my memory was the Taiko show. Since I was a member of a Taiko Team in college, I insisted that we watch the show. It was an all lady group, non-traditional, but I wasn’t complaining. It was a beautifully done show that honestly made me want to see another performance by SF Taiko Dojo, which I was lucky enough to see perform a few years back at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan Town of San Francisco.

Mickey Head, drawn with Water, a broom, and a dustpan! the talent that even regular cast members have is astounding!

Mickey Head, drawn with Water, a broom, and a dustpan! the talent that even regular cast members have is astounding!

Taiko Drum - The Odaiko - in the Japan Area just before the show started

Taiko Drum – The Odaiko – in the Japan Area just before the show started


I think this was China, but I am not entirely sure. This picture was taken from across the lake, on the other side of the “world” I think the ride “Small World” would have fit in better at this park….

Aside from the general awe-inspiring beauty of this park, it might have been my favorite of all 4 areas simply because of the night show. I got a great seat just at the waterline where I could sit, eat a crepe, and watch the show unfold. There was a family sitting next to me that apparently came to see the show often, or came to Disney world often, wasn’t quite sure why they were experts, but they explained the story of the show to me before anything started. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have understood it without the explanation as I would have just been like “ooh pretty!!” the whole time and not making any sort of connection… Regardless, if you ever go to see it, here’s the story I was told: The Epcot night show is the story of the creation of the universe. It starts calm then suddenly there are large explosions and very fast paced music. This represents the big bang, or the beginning of time. As the show continues there are significant time marks that show the universe at different stages, honing in on Earth, showing the first hunters, and bringing it all the way into present day. The show was choreographed beautifully, and although I would have understood parts of it, I was glad to get an insight before it all started.

Firework Show

Firework Show

When the show ended, I was exhausted. I sat on the cold sidewalk, not really caring who saw while I waited for the shuttle to take us back to the hotel. A few other people followed suit, but I really was just at that point where all I wanted was to be off my feet…. I still had another full day of walking ahead… Desk jobs really do make your feet week!

Wizard Micky - Fantasia

Wizard Micky – Fantasia

Day 2 – Magic Kingdom

It has been a long time since I’ve posted on this. Sadly so much has happened that this description will be nowhere near as detailed as the last one. There are some fun stories for it though so not to worry!

When Day 2 started, my friend had just come out to visit us from Texas. Although this was the first time we’d met in “real life” we’d known each other since around 2007 through the wonderful ways of the internet, specifically an online video game called Guild Wars. Not surprisingly, she was just as fun to run around with in an amusement park as she was to run around with in a virtual world!

Magic Kingdom: Across the Lake

The Magic Kingdom was no less overwhelming than MGM studios, although there was less fire here, it was still full of things to do. The day started when we took a boat over to the park! A boat! I couldn’t believe it but it was that or the monorail (if memory serves), so duh, the boat was the obvious choice. By the time we got on, there was very little seating left, I really didn’t mind as I was by the edge taking pictures of the castle from across the water anyway. Apparently the Disney World castle is the Cinderella’s castle and the one in Disneyland (where I grew up going) is Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Learn something new every day.

$32,500…. The cost of that one piece of paper I have hanging on my wall… I think it’s called a ‘diploma’

$2.500… still expensive, but so gorgeous!

First thing I notice when we get there is that the front setup looks a lot like Disneyland’s. We go through and Rob wants to show me a specific shop. We go to the shop and I stop, eyes bugging out of my head because everything is so shiny and sparkly. Apparently there’s a crystal shop in the Disney area that I just literally wanted to buy everything at…. Unfortunately money is expensive and buying everything wasn’t going to be even a little bit of an option. I did end up buying a cute headband with a butterfly on it and some gifts for my friends.

After what felt like an hour, we were done looking at the overpriced shiny things, we go through the castle and see all the mosaic murals inside (if you’re going to the magic kingdom, I highly recommend you do this, they’re beautiful).

Just one of the many Cinderella mosaics you can see when walking through the castle!

Photo bombed by R2-Mickey!!

We went on all the usual rides. I of course wanted to see the differences between the rides first hand, so we went on the Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion. Since I’m such a Little Mermaid fan, Rob and Ally (my friend from Texas) humored me and we went to the Under the Sea: Journey. We did Stitch’s great escape and the little tram that goes around Tomorrowland. That one was really fun because I was blowing bubbles and watching the random people below look up like what?! But by the time they looked the tram was no longer above them… very fun.

At one point in the day we got stuck waiting for the parade to go by and I realized that I was not in good enough shape to be walking this much… I’m not sure if it was my shoes (probably flip flops) or just my lack of being on my feet anymore but I decided to sit down against a wall through most of the parade standing only to take pictures of the cool floats.

I guess there were 3 big things that happened though. First, the log ride… or Splash Mountain, or whatever it’s called, second was to do with Space Mountain and finally was Small World.

-Splash Mountain-

Splash Mountain, Disney World! image obtained from destinationthemepark.com

The day was getting hotter and hotter and, like so many others, we had the bright idea to go on one of the water rides. We were a bit upset when we realized that the only water ride was Splash Mountain and even more upset when we saw how long the line was. Nevertheless we decided to stand and wait, and wait, and wait. Finally we were able to get on and the three of us piled into the log, which I was surprised sit 2 to a row, unlike the logs at Disneyland that have the long bench that each seat one person.

DO NOT TAKE PICTURES ON DISNEY’S BACK LOT!!!!!!! image obtained from https://c2.staticflickr.com

Anyway. We’re going through the ride having fun and all that jazz, go down the first little (and I mean little) and get splashed a tad. Just before the first big drop (not the final drop but the one that you actually cool off from) the ride suddenly stops and we hit the log in front of us. We hear a voice over the speaker telling us to remain in our log… great. About 5 minutes later we hear another voice come over the loudspeaker telling us not to take A few minutes later all the lights come on for the ride and we finally see some cast members, who repeat stay in your log, don’t take pictures behind the ride. About 20 minutes after the ride stopped, they come to our log and let us out, repeating 3 or 4 more times not to take pictures and reiterating loudly as we walked down the emergency escape and through the unpainted back lot to the ride. We saw large gears and other ride parts, and it really wasn’t all that different from what you’d expect when seeing the back lot, but apparently those ride parts were top secret and pictures would destroy them (or ruin the magic?) anyway. We got a free fastpass that was usable at many of the other lines (none were quite as long as the log ride) and none of the cast members would tell us what went wrong or when/if the ride would be up later. We heard someone say that a cable snapped, but nobody was able to confirm it. We used the fastpass to get on big thunder mountain and when the cast members were out of earshot, Rob kept saying, “It’s a good thing none of us took pictures, or Disney would have us ‘disappeared’”

-Space Mountain-

Space Mountain – Disney World! Image – randomindependent.com

Not too much to say here, but Ally does not like roller coasters! It took what felt like an hour to convince her to go on it with us. It was rather amusing that we stood in the whole line then after the ride, Rob and I wanted to go again, but she adamantly refused. We gave her the choice of it or Small World and she chose Small World…. After Small World, Rob and I went on it again… Roller coasters are awesome!

-Small World-

This ride is not designed for adults… or people taller than me. I’m 5’3 Rob’s 6’2 and Ally isn’t

Disney World Small World is NOT a castle! made me sad! image obtained from cdn.wdwmagic.com

much shorter. We all sat in one boat. I didn’t think much of it, but I was a little cramped in the boat, then I looked at poor Rob and Ally. I honestly wasn’t sure how they were able to sit, and was afraid they might not be able to get up when the ride was over… not only that, but when Ally noticed the dolls mouths and eyes moved, she freaked out… apparently she doesn’t like dolls either. I was amused for the whole ride, but did feel bad for them. I don’t recommend this ride for anyone taller than me or anyone who doesn’t like dolls singing the same song over and over in a bunch of different languages. As for the ride though, the outside is nowhere near as impressive as Disneyland. The ride itself seemed about the same though.

Just before the projector show started

After the rides were done, we saw the fireworks show, which was great. I highly recommend you go directly to the castle after the show, as they have a beautiful projector show that they play right onto the castle. It was definitely worth the sit and wait. We were thinking of passing it up, but the three of us were glad we stayed.

Cheshire Cat

Wreck it Ralph

That’s pretty much it for the Magic Kingdom, I think the Jungle Cruise ride here is definitely worth going to. It was different than Disneyland from what I remember, but also the cruise person we got was very fun. Too bad I didn’t catch their name or I’d have given them a shout out. Anyway, I promise I’ll put out the next two days (with pictures) soon! There’s also a ton more Non-Disney stuff I need to write about as my life has been rather busy lately, so I’m hoping to post more for the next few months (at least)!