Writing Exercise #6 – Chatter

Writing Exercise

Write a story using nothing but dialogue. Try to describe the setting and emotions in a natural way but do not add narrative.

Response to Exercise #5

Picture: enhanced-buzz-1632-1390927888-13.jpg

Class was mind-numbingly boring. He’d already read the chapter being discussed and had no questions except for ones he knew the teacher wouldn’t answer. As he sat at his desk, eyes glazed over and feeling like the teacher was speaking like the adults in Charlie Brown, he decided to sharpen some of his pencils, at least it would look like he was doing something. As he grabbed his sharpener, the shavings all spilled out on his paper, he mumbled inaudibly under his breath, he knew he needed to replace his sharpener. Instead of sweeping them of his paper, he drew a line behind a smaller shaving, making it look something like an airplane in flight. And with that he was hooked. He began drawing everything from birds to lions, people, to Christmas trees, rearranging the shavings to be fun accents like dresses and fans, hair and feathers. Before he knows it the lecture is over. His teacher is hovering over him, staring at his page, no longer making unintelligible noises, but instead trying to hide her amazement as she told him how he ought not to draw in her class and needed to pay attention. She resisted giving him a detention slip and he nodded before quietly sliding his phone out of his pocket and snapping a picture of his creation. He crumpled the page and threw it in the trash on the way out, he had plenty more pencils and he’d also read ahead for his next class, U.S. History.


Note: This post’s upload time/date was edited to fit into the scheduled posting timeline.


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