Rant: To the Man Driving the White Lincoln



Just because your car is nicer than mine, does not mean you should drive me off the road. Those curved dotted lines in an intersection indicate which lane you’re supposed to turn into. It’s not a suggestion. When there’s two or more turn lanes, you have to follow your lane, especially when there’s a car next to you! You almost hit me 3 times! If you want to turn left into the far left lane… don’t do it from the right lane! Seriously! Not only did I have to swerve out of my lane so you wouldn’t hit me. You kept trying to encroach in where I had to swerve to! I mean I drive a civic, but it’s red! No way you couldn’t see me! I don’t appreciate you trying to nudge me into oncoming intersection-with-multiple-lanes-narrowing-into-fewer-lanestraffic, running me out of the lane I was supposed to be in, almost making me hit another car in doing so, blocking me from getting back into the lane I was supposed to turn into in the first place, then almost hitting me again as if you didn’t see me at all.

And I know I was driving in Los Angeles, and people don’t really understand what a blinker is here… but let me explain something really simple. That lever on the left side of your steering wheel is used to tell other drivers if you’re trying to turn or change lanes. Nobody can read your frikin’ mind (nor would we want to). Using this nifty little device is not only the law, but its to help accidents, that I’m quite sure you’ve caused in the past. And to, ya know, not be an ass.

I’m so incredibly sick of arrogant assholes like you thinking they’re above the law because they’ve learned they can buy their way out. The world owes you no favors. Stop acting like an entitled fuck and learn some common decency. Thank you.