About Me

Hey! Thank’s for checking out my “About Me” section. I’m a fairly average weirdo who specializes in being wacky and making random people smile. I’m an avid gamer who stumbled into the world of video game design after majoring in something completely unrelated in college. I hang my UC Merced Cognitive Science/Writing Minor degree in my room to remind me why I’m still paying my loans!

Let’s see, what else might be entertaining to read… I’m a social extrovert who spends most her time staring at a computer. I love to write but can’t seem to get over my passionate hatred for e-books. I’m generally artsy with anything that doesn’t require me to draw, then you’ll get a stick figure portrait on a napkin (this actually happened).

If you’re interested in my non-napkin-drawings art (and possibly napkin drawings, who knows if I’ll post them) you can check out my other blog Let’s Get Creative! which also contains writings as M.S. Alice!

If you made it this far, you’re pretty cool. If you skipped down to the bottom, I really don’t blame you 😛


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