The Early Life of a Nerd (My Not-So-Epic Story of How I Entered the Gaming Industry)

Everyone who works in games has their own unique story of how they started, after all, it’s a fairly new and rather small industry. The best way to describe how I got my first job in games is that I really just stumbled into it.

CCILogo-R_LargeAll my life I’ve been a nerd, I like to say that I was born into it. Both of my parents, despite my mother’s protests, are super geeky, and my older brother grew up on comic books, cartoons, and video games. Now, this doesn’t necessarily make them nerds, until you factor in that our family’s vacation each year was a trip to San Diego Comic-Con International. The same Comic-Con that now has an online lottery-style waiting room over eight months prior to the con just to try to buy tickets. The first year my family went, my mother was still pregnant with me. Pretty sure that was the beginning of the end of my hopes of ever growing into anything other than a nerd, and I wasn’t even born yet.

As a child, I really didn’t see myself as too much of a nerd. Sure I played games on an hand-me-down Gameboy and would beg my brother to play Duck Hunt for the NES any time I saw him playing Super Mario, but I also liked Books, Sailor Moon, Barbie, tag, Disney, jungle gyms, and Saturday morning cartoons. As I grew older, I tended to prefer to watch my brother play video games or sometimes play multiplayer games like Golden Eye and Star Fox 64, only really playing games like Pokémon on my own and usually preferring to read if I had free time. I remember it wasn’t until about the time that GameCube came out that I really began playing a lot more games, and it wasn’t until I got my own PS2 that I started considering myself a “gamer”. I remember one Christmas I got a copy of Animal Crossing from my brother. He shrugged when I opened it and confessed that he went to a game store (back when there was more than just Game Stop) and asked for a video game for someone who doesn’t play games.

66075-Animal_Crossing-7.jpgOoh were they right. I spent hours playing animal crossing, and later discovered the wonderful world of The Sims, which I sunk more of my life in then I care to admit. It was around this time as well that I began discovering anime (outside of Studio Ghibli, Sailor Moon, and Dragon Ball Z). My best friend also began introducing me to JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games) like Final Fantasy, the Tales series (at the time specifically Tales of Symphonia), Star Ocean, and Lunar. Not too much later, another friend of mine got me started on an MMO called Guild Wars, and with that I was hooked.

Throughout high school and college I spent at least 8,000 hours on Guild Wars & Guild Wars 2 collectively. Plus I played through Kingdom Hearts, Ratchet and Clank, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (GameCube), Rock Band & Guitar Hero, Super Mario Sunshine, Paper Mario, God of War III, Mario Kart, Portal & Portal 2, Minecraft, Borderlands & BL 2, and countless others. Not to mention all the anime, manga, sports, job, clubs, and of course school work I kept up with too (thinking back on it, I wonder if this has anything to do with my insomnia).

main-qimg-38a887cacba1a7017dbccdbe1ac77f4a-cAnywhozies, all of that was to lead up to me graduating college wanting to go into sleep research or something dealing with artificial intelligence. So working in a lab that monitors people as they sleep, for research. Only problem, I had no idea where to find a job in a sleep research lab or what to even look for to apply for such a job. Instead, my first job out of college was at this terrible scam of a company which forced us to cold call people and try to convince them to refinance their homes (there’s more to talk about with them but I’ll save it for another time). After working there for less than a week, I decided to apply to just about any other job I could find. When my mom noticed how much I hated the place I worked, she suggested I should apply to video game companies in the area, since I spent so much of my time playing games. After she convinced me that there was really nothing I could lose by just applying, I sent my resume to just about every game company I could find a listing for (in addition to still applying to all the random other jobs I came across). I got lucky. After about a week of sending out my application, I got an email asking me to come in for an interview for a Quality Assurance (QA) tester for a video game publishing company, which I was entirely over dressed for (game companies are pretty casual, going into an interview wearing a blouse, blazer, skirt and heels to be interviewed by a guy in shorts and a t-shirt is, well, awkward). They hired me about two weeks later and I began working on my first game, Barbie.


TL:DR – I was a nerdy kid with a nerdy family. I wanted to work in AI or sleep research but didn’t know where to apply. I found a list of local video game companies and sent my resume to everyone who was hiring. I got a job as a QA tester a few weeks later.


Career, Writing, Hair, Writing, Movies, Writing, Random Adorableness, and did I mention Writing? – December 2016

It’s official! I’m a video game writer! Last month, a VR game I’ve been working on at my company launched. This is the first game that has been released that had any of my writing in it (I named the items in the game, wrote their descriptions/upgrade text, and wrote the tutorial). It may sound boring, but so far, it’s been the most exciting thing I’ve done in my game dev career!


A still frame from our Dev Diary video

I think in the final cut the “Big Red Button” logo was removed, but this is the image that I was able to get.

My hair is growing back in many patches on top of my head, so that’s good, but it seems I’m still growing more bald patches faster than I’m regrowing hair. The whole thing is rather disappointing. I’m still glad that treatment seems to be working and I’ve been doing a pretty decent job of trying to ignore the problem and just focus on other things in my life. It’s kind of working, but I still have my moments where the whole thing just gets too real and makes me way more upset than it probably should.

I’m excited to announce that I’m nearly 90 short stories in, and have yet to miss (or even be late) on my noon daily deadline (although I’ve posted a few early by mistake and accidentally made some scheduling errors so that not all of my posts go up at noon… but overall those have been pretty rare!


This is one of my favorite stories I wrote for this month.

I saw a lot of movies this month. Well 3, no four? Maybe 3? In order, I saw Dr. Strange (maybe that was last month, I don’t remember), Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Moana, and of course Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. (I saw Fantastic Beasts, Moana, and Rogue One twice each, so maybe that’s why it’s felt like so many movies). Anyway, I’ll be posting my reviews for all of those movies as soon as they’re finished, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Which leads me back to writing! I just posted my first review on this site I meant to post it on a site called “MoviePilot” but apparently I don’t know how to internet… anyway, you can read my Kubo review (the same one that’s on this site actually) here. I have no intention to stop posting my reviews here on my site. In the coming weeks, I plan to export my existing movie reviews to, or MoviePilot, or whatever, as well as write a few new ones. Because of my flash fiction challenge (To write a 100-365 word stand-alone short story every day for a year. These can be found on my other blog, Let’s Get Creative) it will be difficult for me to chug out reviews endlessly (and, let’s face it, I don’t watch all that many movies), but I’ll try to continue to add to my writing!

Oh yes, and I did promise some random adorableness. Recently, I found a series of memes about me. Well, not me exactly, but they’re uncannily similar to how I act and react to a lot of things. When I found them, I jokingly whined that I was clearly “normal” and this was proof. The tumblr series is titled “I think I love a Derp.”

Anyway… I saw this one comic and started laughing so hard because a few weeks ago, I took a picture of the guy I’m dating holding up a Hank plushie at the World of Disney in Downtown Disney, Anaheim… and the resemblance to the comic was so close… he added his pic to the comic <3…


Also, I failed hard core at Christmas shopping this year, so if you got a “meh” gift, sorry!

NaNo, Hair, and Politics – November 2016

Warning: This post does contain my political views. If you do not wish to read them, please do not read or stop reading after the section about my AA.

imgres.pngAgain this year, for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) I tried to write a novel. I didn’t get very far, especially because I was also trying to get my daily flash fiction writings done (success!) and keep up with life in general (I survived the month so successful again). Definitely had to fail somewhere though, and for the fourth year in a row now, that failure came from not finishing my novel (which is a bummer because I was really excited to get one done. I haven’t scrapped the story though, and plan to get back into writing it soon.


This poor kid… At least the hair I do have can be styled so nobody is the wiser 😮

Again with the hair. Wanted to do a quick update. I had a new doctor this month, well a RN I think (I’m terrible with what medical terms are) but he was nice. I now have another patch, this one on my left temple, bringing my total up to four. The one on my right temple got larger, but the top of my head has about 30% regrowth. The spot on my left is still small, and I’m hoping it will stay that way! I’ve mostly stopped crying about the hair loss. I’m still pretty bitter about the whole thing, but I’m starting to accept it (months later). I am, however, glad to know that there’s some regrowth going on and I’m trying very hard to stay positive, but it’s a difficult order to fill.


fightingdonkeyelephant.jpgThis Thanksgiving, I had a very strange, very upsetting political conversation with my family that resulted in me storming off into the night. I do feel bad about leaving, but finding out what I learned proved more upsetting than I imagined. There were members of my family, family that I see often, that were able to justify themselves turning a blind eye on issues that I find to be very important. See, I’m a supporter of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and most of the equality things that surround it. When I found that they weren’t I tried to understand why, but whenever I tried to explain my reasons, explain that the “all lives matter” is a way to sweep the situation under the rug, I was outnumbered and spoken over. Since my immediate family, mother, father, brother and close friends all have similar thoughts on the matter, seeing the spike in violent hate crimes, seeing the percentages of unnecessary deaths to blacks compared to other ethnicities, I couldn’t quite get why anyone living in a large metropolitan area couldn’t see it. When they told me that “everyone struggles, if you want to get out of a bad situation bad enough, you just pull yourselves up by your bootstraps and do it,” my heart sank. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was, to me, like telling a rape victim that she wanted it, that she had it coming. Not quite the discussion I wanted to have over the Thanksgiving turkey.

Looking back, I don’t think I walked out because of their views, I’ve had civil enough conversations with enough people of opposing viewpoints to be able to have a discussion. It was a combination of learning the intolerance of my close family (and trust me, they made a few rather shockingly racist comments) the realization that I wouldn’t be able to bring some of my closest friends to large family gatherings without scrutiny for things about them they were born having, and the fact that my opinion was being drown out and ignored, with no area to give my reasoning or express my opinions/beliefs. It’s very frustrating to be told you’re fundamentally wrong and given no opportunity to defend or explain your beliefs.


Note: This post’s upload time/date was edited to fit into the scheduled posting timeline.

Mostly Hair, Partially Shenanigans- October 2016

So, I’m not going to lie… this month hasn’t been too different from last month.

Hairbrush with strands of auburn hair stuck in itIn some ways the Alopecia Areata is getting better, in some it’s getting worse. Let’s start with the bad news. I got another new spot, just above my right temple, for a total of 3. This one’s been around for a few weeks and didn’t lose all of the hair. It’s also by far the smallest bald spot, measuring in at about the size of a dime. The one on the back of my head grew from about a quarter to a half dollar and the top of my head seems to have grown, but it’s still about the size of my palm, give or take. The whole thing has been emotionally taxing, to say the least. I feel pretty drained most of the time, and I frequently burst into tears over the loss. Even though it’s unbelievably upsetting, I find myself talking about it more than I’m sure my friends would like to hear, but they’re all wonderful and let me tell them about the research I’m doing on it and my hopes/fears about getting better/worse respectively. Since my last doctor’s appointment I made it perfectly clear to myself that I’d stay positive, even if I wavered a bit on the “all the time” part. Even though the internet is full of doom and gloom, most studies, articles, and even my doctor, tell me that there’s a very high recovery rate, and the fact that I haven’t lost all, or even half of my hair is a good sign. And having my eyebrows is an even better one.


Hopefully this will be what mine looks like soon ❤

Now for the good news about my hair; it’s starting to grow back! Well at least I think it is. When I move my finger above the balding part of my head (the top of my head at least) there’s fuzz everywhere. I can’t yet see it in a mirror, but studies show that many of the hairs will grow in white and wispy-thin, and since my scalp is pretty light, I’m guessing that it’s just hard to see off a few mirrors and adequate indoor lighting. The fuzz feels kind of like rubbing my finger “against the grain” of my arm hair, if my arm hair was super short and stubbly, but the fact that there’s any hair at all I’d say is cause for celebration! I’m still losing more hair than usual, especially from the area around the balding spot… but if it all will grow back, I think I can live with having to wear a wig or a limited hair style for a few years!

Wooh, now that I’m done with the depressing stuff… things with my guy have been going great! He’s been working a lot this month, which is good, but going from seeing him almost daily to seeing him a few times a week, if that, is making me feel like a part of me is missing… which is horrible because I don’t want to be that needy person, but when life starts to feel more like a chick flick than an actual real thing, it’s nice to have that constant good. But it’s not a dream, my hair will remind me of that every time I almost forget to clip it over my bald patch!439cb5484bc7b5f7f0b5a4534af5e99be6e6e7a5c4452557ada3f7ceeb75ba12_1.jpg

As for work, I still have my same ol’ job, only now they’re having me do some social media management as the “Community Manager” – same pay. Sadly, a lot of people are leaving the company, or their contracts are expiring, as there becomes less to do on our projects and as they find other opportunities they find more suitable for them (‘tiz the nature of life). I’m also doing some additional writing as a sort of in-house writer! Which is pretty exciting for me, more than marketing for sure!

Speaking of writing, I’ve been keeping consistent with my daily writing post on my other blog Let’s Get Creative. Last month, I decided to begin writing my Flash Fiction 365 posts which are stand-alone stories of 100-365 words each and post one every day for the next 365 days. Fun, but a lot of work! This is one of my favorites so far:


Anyway, next month, November 2016, is going to be difficult, as I plan to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and try to complete 50,000 words of my next book (and hopefully complete my first real novel!) All the while, I’ll still have to keep writing my flash fiction!

Wish me luck ❤

And I almost forgot, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! Happy-Halloween1.jpg

Stay spooky my friends!

Hair, Cars, Disney, and Writing – September 2016

And the roller-coaster takes me through yet another loop…

mWCrTxKah_FWyH3726VucHA.jpgSo, most of the month has been a struggle with my acceptance and learning to deal with Alopecia Areata, an auto-immune disorder where my body decides that my hair is a foreign threat and my body attacks it, causing the hair to fall out (and fortunately not destroying the follicles, yet I’ve not had any luck re-growing hair yet, even with the treatment). Even though my friends and family are overwhelmingly supportive, and nobody has pointed, laughed or stared at me (I am able to cover the spots up fairly well with a new hairstyle) it’s bee much harder to cope with than I expected.

ab8-239x300.jpgOn top of that stress, I also have to deal with the fact that apparently my passenger airbag is a bomb waiting to explode shrapnel on any of my friends that may be present in its seat if some a-hole decides to hit me… Again! I’m so very grateful that my previous accident didn’t cause my air bag to go off, as this shrapnel thing is a serious issue and has been reported as killing some of its passengers. How terrible is that. The thing that’s supposed to save you kills you. Although I’m no real car buff, to my understanding in order for an airbag to deploy, a tiny explosion happens inside of it, which inflates the bag. Although there is not supposed to be shrapnel that escapes this explosion, the defective (and now recalled) airbags, one of which currently residing in my car, allows a small amount of the shrapnel to fly through, and can strike the passenger, much like how the shrapnel of a fragmentation grenade (frag) is deadlier than the shock wave it creates. The best part, you ask? The replacement part won’t be in for about 6 weeks (so 5 weeks from this post) even though when I initially ordered the part they told me 2-4 weeks… I wish in the waiting package they gave me a sign that said “Danger! Hitting this car may cause the driver and any passengers to die… so if you don’t want to be charged with vehicular man-slaughter, drive carefully!” On second thought, that’s too many words for a bumper sticker!

disneyland-00-full.jpgI did, however, have some fun. For my friend’s birthday, I finally renewed my Disneyland Season Pass and was able to go back to the park for the first time since March! Oh how I’ve missed you Disneyland. I wore a hat all day to keep the sun from burning my scalp, then just kept my usual “indoor” hairstyle that I wear everyday at night, to keep people from seeing my newly exposed scalp. While at Disneyland, my twinzie (whose birthday it was) showed me some feet that are under the stairs at California’s Tower of Terror (they can be seen under the left staircase as you exit the ride, closer to the gift shop than the ride elevators.) She also showed me a tiny house (fairy house?) at the base of a tree near the entrance of Indiana Jones. It couldn’t be more than a foot tall. It was super cute! What was crazy was she showed me before we left the ride area, as it was broken down (oh surprise surprise… Indiana Jones broke down??) well, as she was showing me, the ride opened up again and we were on one of the first carts that went through it (so we basically walked onto the ride, on a Saturday!)

california-adventure.jpgThe following day, I went to Disneyland yet again, to meet up with a friend I’d met at a 24 hour Disney event and her two children (who have grown more than I thought they would have in the almost 2 years since I last saw them)! By the end of the day, my feet were screaming at me! (And I’m going to be on my feet all day Saturday for the LA County Fair… yay? (I’m kidding, it will be crazy fun! I’m going with the same guy I’ve been seeing for a while now and his family. They’ve been dealing with some stressful BS so this will be good for them ^.^!

flash-fiction.jpgThis week, I read a blog that did these really cool posts of tiny stories (100 words) every day for a year. Since I’m a writer (I’ve opted out of calling myself an aspiring writer as I will soon have written work in 2 video games – I’m scheduled to work on the second one later this month or the beginning of next month) I decided to do something similar to this myself. Instead of doing 100 word stories I wanted to create 365 stories that were 365 words or less (but more than 100 words. I’ll be putting these into a graphic and posting them on my twitter @alissams91 (yeah, I know it’s empty), facebook, and creative blog: I will post the first flash fiction story on October 1, 2016, and will be posting one each day until November 30, 2017. Wish me luck! (I’m so excited!)

Back to my predicament… Yesterday, I discovered yet another bald spot from my alopecia areata. It’s still puffy (unlike the one at the top of my head which is just bald) and the hair is still falling out (and the one on the top of my head seems to be done losing hair but not so keen on re-growing it, not to mention it has occasional bouts of extreme itchiness, which I haven’t read anyone really having when researching it online. Although this one is lower on my head (and thankfully more naturally covered by the way my hair fall) it was still a devastating discovery. I was sitting at my desk at work and nearly burst into tears when I felt the puffy balding area of my scalp. I’m a generally positive person, so these discoveries have really been depressing me more than I know what to do. I have a doctor’s appointment at the end of the month (as well as tickets to an Alan Menken concert) so hopefully my doctor and Disney music will cheer me up. (I could probably write an entire post on the psychological roller-coaster hair loss is putting me through, but instead I will leave you with this video on how to keep stress from causing damaging effects on your body. Oh how I love TED talks!)

Oh… How I Hope My Life Balances out Soon!


1356034-car_accidentOn June 21, 2016, my niece, Natalie Jade, was born. That night, while driving home from Hollywood (which I had to get to old-fashioned way, as I forgot my phone and was going there to retrieve it) I got in my first ever car accident, by getting rear-ended by a guy who had no auto insurance, no driver’s license, and was not a legal US citizen. I was counted as not at fault for the accident, and the doctor sent me home with minor injuries (even though my back still hurts if I sit or stand too long).



Also known as, the month of spending money for San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). This july, however, I believe I was in Hollywood more than any other time – I live pretty close, but I’m usually only out there maybe once every 2-3 years. The reason for my going, was a friend of mine, who was working in the Hollywood Fringe Festival (HFF) I ended up seeing 2 plays (Odelia and Adam and Eve at Theatre Note) and I went to the award ceremony with him (the same guy from earlier posts) and overall it was pretty fun.

san-diego-comic-con-2014At SDCC this year, I was in the right place at the right time, and was invited to a party for the Writer’s Guild of America. I met some cool people there and made some connections, and am overall quite happy with my SDCC experience this year (even though I spent way more money than I really should have). Probably the most annoying thing that happened, was I met this annoying guy, that insisted I wasn’t Asian (Japanese) because I’m half white, making my only notable ethnicity white (despite the fact that I’m half Japanese). A part of me wishes I slapped him across his dumb face, but (I hope) he’ll get what’s coming.



My Birth Month!

Ah! My birthday was so much fun! I went to the beach with a friend to go boogie boarding, as I haven’t gotten a chance to go all year and I bought a new board at the closing of Sports Chalet/ Sports Authority (sad day). After a few hours of that (and countless waves that scraped up my knees) we went to a local harbor and kayaked! I’ve been Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) before but I’d never been kayaking! It’s much easier to not fall over, but it felt like it took more effort to go less distance, not sure if this was an illusion or.. what.

medieval-timesAfter the day at the beach was over, we went to Medieval Times (I hadn’t gone since probably high school) and it did not disappoint. I wore a corseted dress that I bought at the Renaissance Faire and it was glorious! I ordered a delicious drink the bartender (who I will not name) gave me extra… extra… in my drink for my birthday (with winks) haha! The show itself was fantastic! The eagle wooshed so close, I felt the breeze from it flying by. Our knight (the Yellow knight) gave me a flower, and the Black and White knight gave my friend and me fist bumps when riding by (and afterward remembered us as the traitors when we got our picture taken). I bought a dragon chess set too! Overall, it was a pretty spectacular birthday.

And now…

A few days ago, however, that jovial mood had to come to an end. A few days ago I noticed a bald patch on the top center of my head, about the size of a quarter. Yesterday, I went to the doctor about it and was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks otherwise healthy cells in the scalp causing inflammation and patches of hair loss. Although there is no cure, it is not contagious and not harmful to anything other than my psyche. In many cases the hair will grow back on its own, but it doesn’t always. With the treatment I’m going with, there’s an 80-90% chance I will get my hair back. Over the course of the next few months to a year, I will get a series of 4 shots injected into my scalp, at the affected area to help reduce the swelling and help encourage my hair to regrow, as this condition, thankfully, does not destroy the hair follicles. In rare cases (about 5%) the person with Alopecia Areata will develop Alopecia Totalis, which causes all of the hair on t h e head to fall out, and even less common I s Alopecia Areata Universalis, which causes all hair (including eyebrows, eyelashes, etc.) To fall out. My doctor says mine is rather mild, and highly unlikely to advance, it’s still a concern of mine.

All in all, I’m surprisingly sensitive about the whole thing, so if you see me and notice it, I’d appreciate it if you let me know to repin my hair, or adjust my hat/bow to both keep my head from sunburn, and to keep people from staring at my already brightly colored eye-catching hair. (The dyes did not cause this… but it did show up after I began changing my hair to its more artsy, eye-catching appearance).

showimageMy friends, although hadn’t heard of this, have been very understanding and sympathetic, and I’m truly grateful, as I’ve been a mess of freaking out since discovering it. My hairdresser, Denay, was the first to notice it on Saturday, when I went in to add color, but she thought I already knew about it. I ended up talking to her about it after my meeting with my dermatologist, and she gave me some great ideas to run by him on how to keep it from being super apparent (bows, ribbons, styles, powders, and makeup… as my skin is really light where it hasn’t met the sun and my hair is almost black – with teal, blue and purple streaks).


If you have any stories you’d like to share, or any helpful information about Alopecia Areata, please feel free to comment!

Story of My Life – We All Bounce Back Sometime!

If you read my post from March 24th, you’d know that 2016 did not start off all that great for me. Fortunately, everything always seems to work out with a little hope and a bit of work.

Modern Keyboard With Colored Social Network Buttons.

Let’s pick up where I left off, with my job hunt, I found a job and started working the first week of April! Technically my contract expires at the end of this month, but it’s starting to look more and more like they’ll be extending me! Yes, it’s in the game industry, and it’s just Quality Assurance (QA) work, but this week I have a Social Media Marketing Plan that I presented to the CEO last Thursday and he wants me to present it to the team (which I’m both incredibly excited and nervous about)!

Karaoke6That was most of my April. While I was working as hard as I could to be sure not to make my old producer, who recommended me, look bad, I also wanted to meet all of my new coworkers. By the time May rolled around, I feel like I’ve been accepted into the team and I’ve even been invited to their Karaoke nights!


Before I dyed my hair and cut it ‘all’ off…

Oh, before I move on to May, I almost forgot to mention my new haircut! I got rid of over a foot of length and dyed my hair for the first time. It was supposed to be a vibrant purple, but it turned out to be more of a maroon/red color. I’m planning on going to the salon next month and getting it redone (a more dramatic cut and a brighter purple and blue color).


…After I dyed my hair and got it ‘all’ cut off

This month has been pretty inspirational for me. I finally went on a few good dates with this guy that I’m currently seeing. It’s cool to finally meet someone and click so effortlessly, I don’t even know how many times we’ve seen each other, but we both have to keep reminding ourselves we only met this month! He’s also a writer, so we spent Monday night critiquing each other’s work, which might not sound like fun, but it was. I think I could talk about the creative process to anyone who would listen, or anyone who will pretend to listen then later find out they really just had earphones in and was timing how long I spoke before taking another breath… I mean that hasn’t happened (I hope).inspiration-true-writers-31689625-1920-1200

Work’s been going well to, I already mentioned the marketing proposal that I got to do, but on top of that I was able to submit a game concept (I’ll find out tomorrow if it wins the office vote). One of the artists is giving me tips on how to sculpt using

2016-05-25 14.04.40

Isn’t it Beautiful

computer programs (I bought a drawing tablet for this, which I never thought I’d do, ever, because my “drawing” ability is very limited to stick figures holding balloons!) Even more inspirational gets drawn from the fact that I’m (seemingly constantly) hanging out or talking to a guy that’s a writer. Art really does inspire creation!

share_tempSo I’ve talked about my new job, the new guy, and my recent art kick, what am I missing… oh! I’ve been actually trying to eat healthier and go to the gym more. I found this class that I really like at the gym I’m a member of called Body Combat. It’s fantastic, although I might be doing it wrong because it feels hard on the knees, even though it hardly felt like a workout all of my muscles were pissed at me the following day. I also recently downloaded this app called “Plant Nanny” that one of my coworkers had. It’s super cute and a great way, so far, to keep me hydrated and on track to hopefully reaching my weight loss and health/fitness goals!

v2-1-deadpoolpressreleasetwBefore I go, I want to put a little word of advice out to the world. If you decide to watch Deadpool (great movie, but not for kids), and if you decide to make a drinking game out of it (again, not for kids), do yourself, and your liver, a favor and don’t drink to all of the dick jokes in the movie, there are a lot of them and my friend passed out, haha! I drank to all of the times “Dead” or “Pool” were said – “Deadpool” counted as one swig of my drink, Tampico and Vodka that was pretty tasty, and I learned that there’s a Deadpool song in the movie where I had something like 15 gulps, I’m sure I missed a few and many after because I couldn’t stop laughing! We did, however, wish we had a third person to join us in our epic experiment of what got watchers the most inebriated, “Deadpool”, “Dick Jokes”, or the name “Francis”. From what we tested, “Dick Jokes” wins.

In case you don’t believe me, here’s the Deadpool song, well, rap.