Writing Exercise #5 – Pictures

Prompt #5 – A Picture’s Worth a Story

Find a picture or a photograph online and write the story of it. I find this will especially help with writer’s block, particularly when trying to come up with a new idea. Try to incorporate the emotion that the picture first evoked in you, as well as incorporating some of the visual elements in it. Don’t feel the need to represent everything exactly as it is depicted in print, and get creative with it. This exercise is to help see images and let them breathe life into a character, story, scene, or setting.



Response to Prompt #4


Me as a little “Thug Baby” my cousin (same one who tells the story) tilted my Barney hat and gave me over-sized sunglasses.

Whenever my cousin introduces me to the family, I’m always defined as “the little thug.” It doesn’t matter if he’s introducing me to his girlfriend, or my own friends, the only stories that seem to come from my childhood are violent ones, despite me not remembering the primary incident, nor do I remember being particularly violent.

Despite not being there for the incident, and hearing it second-hand, his retelling of it occurred so often, that now my parents even repeat it to any guests I bring around the house, this includes any potential boyfriends I bring over, if I let them stay near my parents long enough. So, I’ve resolved this issue by telling the story first, where after, one of my friends has dubbed me “Thug Baby.”

So the story goes: I am the only person in my family to get expelled from preschool. Apparently, if someone were to say that as a child I didn’t bite, they’d be lying.


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