Pokemon Mountain – 10/20/16


It’s been about a month since I’ve had an interesting dream, but my dream last night had a tiny bit of structure, so that’s what I’ll write about.


pokemonisland.jpgIt was late in the afternoon on the island when I began looking for them, the Pokémon that is. I wasn’t a trainer, more of a breeder or caretaker working for the professor. I didn’t know exactly what he was the professor of, but that’s what we called him, or at least what I called him. There was nobody else on the island. I walked out of the gated valley area where I had taken my nap and looked up the mountain at all of the adjacent, fenced in squares over its winding trail. Most of the pens were empty with the gates open, but a few of them, particularly over the grassy areas, had gates closed with a few creatures that were not quite Pokémon caged inside. The one I could see looked more like a pen of quadrupedal raptors with long feathered tails that ploofed at their ends. I shivered, and opened what I could only describe as my Pokédex in attempt to locate the other Pokémon I needed to get to their pens. By the time I found and returned a few of them, I got a call from the professor asking me to create a new Pokémon, which didn’t strike me as odd at all.

300px-crested_raptorHe wanted something powerful, but kept naming Pokémon that had abilities that would not combine to be as extraordinary as he was expecting. I told him that I’d come up with something, and hung up. After looking at a chart of Pokémon on my Pokédex, I decided I wanted to go with something that had a lot of flair, and that knew Hyperbeam, naturally I chose Gyarados. It took me a while to think of what to combine him with, however. I wanted something that would help to eradicate weakness as well as strengthen his Hyperbeam overall, and instead of choosing Dragonite (which I only thought of once I woke up), I went with Venusaur. Since during the dream, I didn’t realize, or care that Venusaur knew Solar Beam, not Hyperbeam, I decided they would be a magnificent combination, and began getting to work on how it would look, how to create it, and what to name it.

3.130.pngWhile trying to come up with a name, I got a call from a young colleague of mine, who heard about my predicament and what I was attempting to do. She came up with the name “Garysaur” but I could only have it if she was allowed to draft the email to the professor, begrudgingly, I said yes, and regretted it immediately. When I finally read the letter (after she’d sent it) I realized that she’d tried to take credit for the entire creation, not simply the name. Fortunately, he’d already agreed upon the Pokémon combination, so I didn’t have to worry, but I felt a sickening combination of betrayal and aggravation before I woke up.



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