Writing Exercise #4

Over the weekend, I saw a performance called “Raw Stories” at Theatre of NOTE, a theatre in Hollywood. It was a fun event with a bake-off and some rather entertaining stories, all with a general theme of family holiday mishaps and other relatable stories. It got me thinking about all the crazy, wacky, and seemingly dysfunctional mishaps my family has; both during and outside of holiday times.


Prompt #4 An Amusing Family Dysfunction

For this prompt, I thought it would be fun to tell a story of a “family incident.” It could be something funny, lighthearted, some sort of blunder, a slip of the tongue, or some full blown drama. The story can be pulled from something that you remember recently or that has long since past, but it has to be at least based in truth. For this prompt, try to focus on bringing the reader along with the characters, your family, and allow the story to unfold (cutting out what you think is irrelevant or less compelling for your point). This will also help to create characters that are more relatable when creating an entirely new story, as you remember people who you love and interact with acting at, well, not their brightest moments. Try to keep it to a story that could be read in under 5 minutes, or told in less than 10.

office.jpgResponse to Writing Prompt #3:

I didn’t sit outside, but here is what I heard on my lunch break at my office.

The air conditioner was blasting air colder than it needed to, it always did. It bit at my skin and made my fingers numb. I wondered if I’d ever remember to bring my jacket in. Around me, I could hear the clicks of keyboards, those who were not yet ready to leave their desks to seek nourishment. From behind, I could hear the crinkle of plastic bags and the crisp sounds of chips, they made me want to walk across the street to the convenience store and pick up a bag of Doritos chips. Behind the closed doors I could hear the faint murmurs of meetings and conference calls.


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