Hair, Cars, Disney, and Writing – September 2016

And the roller-coaster takes me through yet another loop…

mWCrTxKah_FWyH3726VucHA.jpgSo, most of the month has been a struggle with my acceptance and learning to deal with Alopecia Areata, an auto-immune disorder where my body decides that my hair is a foreign threat and my body attacks it, causing the hair to fall out (and fortunately not destroying the follicles, yet I’ve not had any luck re-growing hair yet, even with the treatment). Even though my friends and family are overwhelmingly supportive, and nobody has pointed, laughed or stared at me (I am able to cover the spots up fairly well with a new hairstyle) it’s bee much harder to cope with than I expected.

ab8-239x300.jpgOn top of that stress, I also have to deal with the fact that apparently my passenger airbag is a bomb waiting to explode shrapnel on any of my friends that may be present in its seat if some a-hole decides to hit me… Again! I’m so very grateful that my previous accident didn’t cause my air bag to go off, as this shrapnel thing is a serious issue and has been reported as killing some of its passengers. How terrible is that. The thing that’s supposed to save you kills you. Although I’m no real car buff, to my understanding in order for an airbag to deploy, a tiny explosion happens inside of it, which inflates the bag. Although there is not supposed to be shrapnel that escapes this explosion, the defective (and now recalled) airbags, one of which currently residing in my car, allows a small amount of the shrapnel to fly through, and can strike the passenger, much like how the shrapnel of a fragmentation grenade (frag) is deadlier than the shock wave it creates. The best part, you ask? The replacement part won’t be in for about 6 weeks (so 5 weeks from this post) even though when I initially ordered the part they told me 2-4 weeks… I wish in the waiting package they gave me a sign that said “Danger! Hitting this car may cause the driver and any passengers to die… so if you don’t want to be charged with vehicular man-slaughter, drive carefully!” On second thought, that’s too many words for a bumper sticker!

disneyland-00-full.jpgI did, however, have some fun. For my friend’s birthday, I finally renewed my Disneyland Season Pass and was able to go back to the park for the first time since March! Oh how I’ve missed you Disneyland. I wore a hat all day to keep the sun from burning my scalp, then just kept my usual “indoor” hairstyle that I wear everyday at night, to keep people from seeing my newly exposed scalp. While at Disneyland, my twinzie (whose birthday it was) showed me some feet that are under the stairs at California’s Tower of Terror (they can be seen under the left staircase as you exit the ride, closer to the gift shop than the ride elevators.) She also showed me a tiny house (fairy house?) at the base of a tree near the entrance of Indiana Jones. It couldn’t be more than a foot tall. It was super cute! What was crazy was she showed me before we left the ride area, as it was broken down (oh surprise surprise… Indiana Jones broke down??) well, as she was showing me, the ride opened up again and we were on one of the first carts that went through it (so we basically walked onto the ride, on a Saturday!)

california-adventure.jpgThe following day, I went to Disneyland yet again, to meet up with a friend I’d met at a 24 hour Disney event and her two children (who have grown more than I thought they would have in the almost 2 years since I last saw them)! By the end of the day, my feet were screaming at me! (And I’m going to be on my feet all day Saturday for the LA County Fair… yay? (I’m kidding, it will be crazy fun! I’m going with the same guy I’ve been seeing for a while now and his family. They’ve been dealing with some stressful BS so this will be good for them ^.^!

flash-fiction.jpgThis week, I read a blog that did these really cool posts of tiny stories (100 words) every day for a year. Since I’m a writer (I’ve opted out of calling myself an aspiring writer as I will soon have written work in 2 video games – I’m scheduled to work on the second one later this month or the beginning of next month) I decided to do something similar to this myself. Instead of doing 100 word stories I wanted to create 365 stories that were 365 words or less (but more than 100 words. I’ll be putting these into a graphic and posting them on my twitter @alissams91 (yeah, I know it’s empty), facebook, and creative blog: I will post the first flash fiction story on October 1, 2016, and will be posting one each day until November 30, 2017. Wish me luck! (I’m so excited!)

Back to my predicament… Yesterday, I discovered yet another bald spot from my alopecia areata. It’s still puffy (unlike the one at the top of my head which is just bald) and the hair is still falling out (and the one on the top of my head seems to be done losing hair but not so keen on re-growing it, not to mention it has occasional bouts of extreme itchiness, which I haven’t read anyone really having when researching it online. Although this one is lower on my head (and thankfully more naturally covered by the way my hair fall) it was still a devastating discovery. I was sitting at my desk at work and nearly burst into tears when I felt the puffy balding area of my scalp. I’m a generally positive person, so these discoveries have really been depressing me more than I know what to do. I have a doctor’s appointment at the end of the month (as well as tickets to an Alan Menken concert) so hopefully my doctor and Disney music will cheer me up. (I could probably write an entire post on the psychological roller-coaster hair loss is putting me through, but instead I will leave you with this video on how to keep stress from causing damaging effects on your body. Oh how I love TED talks!)


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