Oh… How I Hope My Life Balances out Soon!


1356034-car_accidentOn June 21, 2016, my niece, Natalie Jade, was born. That night, while driving home from Hollywood (which I had to get to old-fashioned way, as I forgot my phone and was going there to retrieve it) I got in my first ever car accident, by getting rear-ended by a guy who had no auto insurance, no driver’s license, and was not a legal US citizen. I was counted as not at fault for the accident, and the doctor sent me home with minor injuries (even though my back still hurts if I sit or stand too long).



Also known as, the month of spending money for San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). This july, however, I believe I was in Hollywood more than any other time – I live pretty close, but I’m usually only out there maybe once every 2-3 years. The reason for my going, was a friend of mine, who was working in the Hollywood Fringe Festival (HFF) I ended up seeing 2 plays (Odelia and Adam and Eve at Theatre Note) and I went to the award ceremony with him (the same guy from earlier posts) and overall it was pretty fun.

san-diego-comic-con-2014At SDCC this year, I was in the right place at the right time, and was invited to a party for the Writer’s Guild of America. I met some cool people there and made some connections, and am overall quite happy with my SDCC experience this year (even though I spent way more money than I really should have). Probably the most annoying thing that happened, was I met this annoying guy, that insisted I wasn’t Asian (Japanese) because I’m half white, making my only notable ethnicity white (despite the fact that I’m half Japanese). A part of me wishes I slapped him across his dumb face, but (I hope) he’ll get what’s coming.



My Birth Month!

Ah! My birthday was so much fun! I went to the beach with a friend to go boogie boarding, as I haven’t gotten a chance to go all year and I bought a new board at the closing of Sports Chalet/ Sports Authority (sad day). After a few hours of that (and countless waves that scraped up my knees) we went to a local harbor and kayaked! I’ve been Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) before but I’d never been kayaking! It’s much easier to not fall over, but it felt like it took more effort to go less distance, not sure if this was an illusion or.. what.

medieval-timesAfter the day at the beach was over, we went to Medieval Times (I hadn’t gone since probably high school) and it did not disappoint. I wore a corseted dress that I bought at the Renaissance Faire and it was glorious! I ordered a delicious drink the bartender (who I will not name) gave me extra… extra… in my drink for my birthday (with winks) haha! The show itself was fantastic! The eagle wooshed so close, I felt the breeze from it flying by. Our knight (the Yellow knight) gave me a flower, and the Black and White knight gave my friend and me fist bumps when riding by (and afterward remembered us as the traitors when we got our picture taken). I bought a dragon chess set too! Overall, it was a pretty spectacular birthday.

And now…

A few days ago, however, that jovial mood had to come to an end. A few days ago I noticed a bald patch on the top center of my head, about the size of a quarter. Yesterday, I went to the doctor about it and was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks otherwise healthy cells in the scalp causing inflammation and patches of hair loss. Although there is no cure, it is not contagious and not harmful to anything other than my psyche. In many cases the hair will grow back on its own, but it doesn’t always. With the treatment I’m going with, there’s an 80-90% chance I will get my hair back. Over the course of the next few months to a year, I will get a series of 4 shots injected into my scalp, at the affected area to help reduce the swelling and help encourage my hair to regrow, as this condition, thankfully, does not destroy the hair follicles. In rare cases (about 5%) the person with Alopecia Areata will develop Alopecia Totalis, which causes all of the hair on t h e head to fall out, and even less common I s Alopecia Areata Universalis, which causes all hair (including eyebrows, eyelashes, etc.) To fall out. My doctor says mine is rather mild, and highly unlikely to advance, it’s still a concern of mine.

All in all, I’m surprisingly sensitive about the whole thing, so if you see me and notice it, I’d appreciate it if you let me know to repin my hair, or adjust my hat/bow to both keep my head from sunburn, and to keep people from staring at my already brightly colored eye-catching hair. (The dyes did not cause this… but it did show up after I began changing my hair to its more artsy, eye-catching appearance).

showimageMy friends, although hadn’t heard of this, have been very understanding and sympathetic, and I’m truly grateful, as I’ve been a mess of freaking out since discovering it. My hairdresser, Denay, was the first to notice it on Saturday, when I went in to add color, but she thought I already knew about it. I ended up talking to her about it after my meeting with my dermatologist, and she gave me some great ideas to run by him on how to keep it from being super apparent (bows, ribbons, styles, powders, and makeup… as my skin is really light where it hasn’t met the sun and my hair is almost black – with teal, blue and purple streaks).


If you have any stories you’d like to share, or any helpful information about Alopecia Areata, please feel free to comment!


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