Review #2 – Suicide Squad (2016)

What is it?

SQ_banner.pngWarner Brother’s new movie based on DC Comics characters. Starring Will Smith as Will Smith, I mean Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, and Jared Leto as some crime kingpin who calls himself the Joker… there are other characters, but these three get the most screen time.


The Good

Suicide-Squad-Team-Poster.jpgMargot Robbie did a great job portraying Harley Quinn. I loved how she did the role overall and the backstory was accurate to the character’s origin story. Fun Fact: Harley Quinn originally appeared in the TV show as a throw away character, as the studio wanted someone to pop out of a cake, however they thought it would be too weird for Joker to do it himself, even though he later did. However, due to such a positive fan reaction to her, she was brought back and later added to the comics. Even though she was not one of the earlier members of Suicide Squad, she did become one in the New 52.

Viola Davis did an amazing job playing Amanda Waller. I’m going to go out and say almost all of the acting in this movie was very good and it made for an incredibly immersive and enjoyable experience, as long as I didn’t think too hard about it, which I did…

I also want to commend them on the special effects. I thought they were fantastic and found myself smiling over the attention to detail here as well as their soundtrack selection.


The Not-So-Good

photo.jpgUhm, what kind of organized crime kingpin are you trying to pass off as Joker, seriously! After the credits rolled, one of my very first comments was “I didn’t like the Joker” (which is strange coming from the girl who has a water color print of the Joker hanging on her wall…

Okay, so let’s just give them a pass for… whatever that was, because we all know that the Joker is a sociopath, therefore making him incapable of empathy/love. However, it seems that this particular Joker didn’t get the memo, and instead decides to treat Harley Quinn as more of an equal rather than his pet.

Speaking of Harley, the main two complaints I had about her are 1. She was, again, too oversexualized. Yes, Margot Robbie is beautiful, but I really don’t need to be seeing her butt for 90% of her screen time.

While we’re talking about characters, I might as well mention what everyone is thinking. Will Smith as Deadshot? Come on! Really? I mean, he’s pretty committed to be Will Smith in every movie he does these days. I know he’s a recognizable name and all, but I’d prefer my Deadshot to have been, ya know, an actual badass. Instead I get “a brooding smart mouth with a sensitive side.” I’ve resolved myself to be forced to accept that this Deadshot is alright with making idle threats and is cool with lacking follow through.

Suglyquilt.jpegpeaking of follow through (kinda, not really, but I needed a  – not the motorized ones…) the movie was just so chopped up. Yes each scene was well put together, but it kinda felt like how I’d imagine my first quilt would look. A bunch of random beautiful fabric kinda pieced together a bit wonkily with some string that’s almost the right color. One of the main things that stuck out in my head was how Harley had two origin stories in the movie. Although yes, in the original lore, Joker visited her multiple times in the asylum, where she fell in love, but do you really need to give two very different ways for her to become Harley Quinn? Was that really necessary?

Before I rant and say too much, the story. Yeah, there’s no way I can talk too much on this without spoilers, so just know that it’s 1. Incredibly predictable. 2. Immensely choppy. 3. You really need to ignore some major moments of “well, this is just going to have to work ‘cause we need it to and we don’t have the money or creativity to do it differently…” ***SPOILER*** I’m talking like how the duck was the Temptress able to survive her heart being stabbed, repeatedly, and then go to her brother and be like “BROTHER… LEND ME YOUR STRENGTH” get more powerful than she was before, then not die when he dies!? Tell me how that makes sense, please! And also, Flag, do you really think we didn’t see you send that seal in to die!? Oh and speaking of that, where the duck was that two second timer bomb hiding that whole time!? I thought Temptress took it and would have like, hid it or something… that’s what I would have done if… oh gosh I need to stop or I’ll continue forever… ***END SPOILER***

Also, anyone who sees this movie as their introduction to Suicide Squad, Deadshot is not the leader, Flag is… Wanted to make that clear, ’cause the movie didn’t.

Final Thoughts

5Stars.jpgOverall, I’d give the movie a 5/10 star review. Even with all the crapiola that I didn’t care for in the movie, I was pretty buzzed through the beginning 30 minutes of exposition and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn was a great choice. I’m also a decent fan of random action and pretty sets, so yeah, maybe a 6/10 but probably like a 5.

I’d recommend to watch it if you liked Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman. Otherwise, wait for your friend to buy it or rent it, and watch it then!


What did you think of the movie? Please leave your comments below!12489243_1674589672821667_4430624289856009994_o.jpg


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