Story of My Life – We All Bounce Back Sometime!

If you read my post from March 24th, you’d know that 2016 did not start off all that great for me. Fortunately, everything always seems to work out with a little hope and a bit of work.

Modern Keyboard With Colored Social Network Buttons.

Let’s pick up where I left off, with my job hunt, I found a job and started working the first week of April! Technically my contract expires at the end of this month, but it’s starting to look more and more like they’ll be extending me! Yes, it’s in the game industry, and it’s just Quality Assurance (QA) work, but this week I have a Social Media Marketing Plan that I presented to the CEO last Thursday and he wants me to present it to the team (which I’m both incredibly excited and nervous about)!

Karaoke6That was most of my April. While I was working as hard as I could to be sure not to make my old producer, who recommended me, look bad, I also wanted to meet all of my new coworkers. By the time May rolled around, I feel like I’ve been accepted into the team and I’ve even been invited to their Karaoke nights!


Before I dyed my hair and cut it ‘all’ off…

Oh, before I move on to May, I almost forgot to mention my new haircut! I got rid of over a foot of length and dyed my hair for the first time. It was supposed to be a vibrant purple, but it turned out to be more of a maroon/red color. I’m planning on going to the salon next month and getting it redone (a more dramatic cut and a brighter purple and blue color).


…After I dyed my hair and got it ‘all’ cut off

This month has been pretty inspirational for me. I finally went on a few good dates with this guy that I’m currently seeing. It’s cool to finally meet someone and click so effortlessly, I don’t even know how many times we’ve seen each other, but we both have to keep reminding ourselves we only met this month! He’s also a writer, so we spent Monday night critiquing each other’s work, which might not sound like fun, but it was. I think I could talk about the creative process to anyone who would listen, or anyone who will pretend to listen then later find out they really just had earphones in and was timing how long I spoke before taking another breath… I mean that hasn’t happened (I hope).inspiration-true-writers-31689625-1920-1200

Work’s been going well to, I already mentioned the marketing proposal that I got to do, but on top of that I was able to submit a game concept (I’ll find out tomorrow if it wins the office vote). One of the artists is giving me tips on how to sculpt using

2016-05-25 14.04.40

Isn’t it Beautiful

computer programs (I bought a drawing tablet for this, which I never thought I’d do, ever, because my “drawing” ability is very limited to stick figures holding balloons!) Even more inspirational gets drawn from the fact that I’m (seemingly constantly) hanging out or talking to a guy that’s a writer. Art really does inspire creation!

share_tempSo I’ve talked about my new job, the new guy, and my recent art kick, what am I missing… oh! I’ve been actually trying to eat healthier and go to the gym more. I found this class that I really like at the gym I’m a member of called Body Combat. It’s fantastic, although I might be doing it wrong because it feels hard on the knees, even though it hardly felt like a workout all of my muscles were pissed at me the following day. I also recently downloaded this app called “Plant Nanny” that one of my coworkers had. It’s super cute and a great way, so far, to keep me hydrated and on track to hopefully reaching my weight loss and health/fitness goals!

v2-1-deadpoolpressreleasetwBefore I go, I want to put a little word of advice out to the world. If you decide to watch Deadpool (great movie, but not for kids), and if you decide to make a drinking game out of it (again, not for kids), do yourself, and your liver, a favor and don’t drink to all of the dick jokes in the movie, there are a lot of them and my friend passed out, haha! I drank to all of the times “Dead” or “Pool” were said – “Deadpool” counted as one swig of my drink, Tampico and Vodka that was pretty tasty, and I learned that there’s a Deadpool song in the movie where I had something like 15 gulps, I’m sure I missed a few and many after because I couldn’t stop laughing! We did, however, wish we had a third person to join us in our epic experiment of what got watchers the most inebriated, “Deadpool”, “Dick Jokes”, or the name “Francis”. From what we tested, “Dick Jokes” wins.

In case you don’t believe me, here’s the Deadpool song, well, rap.


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