Story of My Life #2 – Mother, Money, Men, Marketing, and Medicine

Last time I touched base was in November of 2015. A lot has happened since then, so let’s begin at the beginning (of 2016).

amri-to-lay-off-62-in-closing-of-uk-manufacturing-facilityMid-January, the company I worked for, Little Orbit, announced to us that they were very likely going to be closing their doors as they had been unable to secure any new contracts for games in 2016. This was a bummer as I’d been with the company for 3 years, but not unexpected. I think all, or at least most of us, saw it coming. Especially once they started to lay-off producers.

friend_zone_by_pork_n_beansNear the end of January, as work had been very scarce and I wasn’t expecting the company to make it to February, I decided to book a trip to Colorado to visit a friend. Admittedly, I had/have a crush on this guy for the past year or so, but with me living in California and him recently moving halfway across the country, it wasn’t meant to be. At first, when I visited, I was pretty disappointed to find out that he really didn’t feel the same about me, he really only saw us as good friends. Ouch, friend zone’d but at least I finally got an answer and could move forward. We hung out and the trip overall was fun, aside from me trying to cope with being rejected. I like to believe that there’s a bright side to everything. It took me until about yesterday to realize that the bright side to this is that I’m actually finally getting over him. He’s a really good person, so I think being friends with him will be easy, considering that’s really all we ever were. I’m slowly starting to realize that staying friends with someone you’ve dated is a fairy-tale we tell ourselves to make the initial break easier, but that’s a thought for another time.


I don’t have any actual pictures of Charizard, but this is about how he looked.

Meanwhile, back at home, my mom’s car needed repairs, and since I left my keys for my parents to move my car during street sweeping, she decided she would borrow Charizard, my lovely 2000 Honda Civic who a friend of mine described his color as being, “if gold and tan had an ugly baby…” thanks Andrew! Anyway, Charizard, like most older cars, needed a little extra TLC, so before I drove it I made sure to check the coolant and the oil levels, as the car ate through coolant like a kid goes through Halloween candy if you don’t hide it (or use the same hiding place every year, kids are crafty). Long story short, while she was driving it to work, she blew a head gasket, and for those of you who are like me and not too privy to car jargon, that’s pretty-much a death sentence for your engine, yay.

otaszvny164So, mid-February I return from my trip and my dad lets me know my check engine light is on and that I have to go take my car in. This is the first I’m hearing of this and I found out the incident was from a week prior, so I’m a bit peeved. The repair shop tells me the bad news while I’m out at a restaurant with my friend telling her the sob story of my rejection in Colorado (over our favorite $2 Margarita Mondays @Aculpulco) followed by the death of my car, this was not how I wanted to start the new year. I lost the guy I liked, I lost my car (Charizard, may he rest in peace), and around the time I got back home, I got a call from Little Orbit telling me that the company was officially closing and that I was being laid-off. So I was now, officially, among the ranks of the unemployed. Oh joy!

20160215_183003On the bright side, I was at the bottom and it really can’t get worse, right? Wrong! So my mom decided that her breaking my car wasn’t her fault even though she hadn’t asked or notified me that she was borrowing my car so I could let her know to check the coolant (which was low and there was coolant in the trunk), and since the car “would have broken anyway” she decided that she wasn’t responsible for fixing or replacing it. Now I had to try to find a used car with no job. I was able to convince my dad to co-sign with me, making a deal that he would help on the monthly payments until I got a job, then I would take full responsibility. He agreed and we found Ruby, my burgundy 2008 Honda Civic. I’m not terribly thrilled that I have to drive an automatic now, but it was under $10k so I can’t complain too much.

broke-monopoly-july-27Finally I a little reprieve in March, since my dad was going to help with the car! I was feeling pretty good. I sold my old car and got a whopping $1k for it, way more than expected. Things were finally turning up! I deposited the money and felt a little more comfortable with my financial situation. Maybe a week later, something weird happened. I went to check my bank statement and I was -$500 and terribly confused. I went through everything with the bank and found out I had over $1000 in charges, from the past week or so, for not having enough money in the bank? I honestly didn’t even realize that was a thing, as I was told my bank account was ‘free’. Serves me right for thinking anything was free. I was able to reverse enough of the charges to get myself to come out even with the bank and I immediately closed my account, not wanting to be charged more for being broke. I’m guessing it was the stress of the situation, or something, because that night I began feeling feverish and extremely sick when my mom decided that my parents weren’t going to help with my car payments… awesome.

high-fever-sodaheadAt first I thought it was just stress, but I woke up the next morning with a 101.4 F fever and decided I should probably go to the doctor. I honestly didn’t even know adults got fevers. I really don’t get sick much, and as far as I could remember my parents never had fevers when they got sick when I was young so it just never occurred to me. Since it was caught in the first 24 or 48 hours or something like that, they gave me an anti-viral which seemed to help, after I was confined to my bed for, what felt like forever but was only about 5 days.

Mid-March, my unemployment check comes in and I’m able to make my car payment, thank goodness (even though the automatic payment isn’t working to my checking, I’ll have to fix that)! I’ve also put a pause on my student loan payment so I’m feeling pretty secure with money, for the time being. I’m pretty much over my flu and I met an awesome lady at the unemployment office who invited me to a marketing seminar in Los Angeles. Everything’s starting to look up!


Glenn Morshower (Recently featured on the TV Show Supergirl) and Me

The seminar turned out to be more like an infomercial the first day I went, Thursday, and I almost didn’t go back, but I was glad that I did. The next day, not only did I learn some great tips that I’m going to keep in mind when I try to publish my non-existent books, but I met some cool people and there was a fairly well-known actor there who had a lot of fun games and some amazing insights to share. I felt like I gained a lot from the experience as a whole, (plus a few people told me they liked my singing, always a great feeling).

what-to-do-for-sore-throatTurned out, I got a little more from the seminar than I expected. Come Tuesday, I’m back at the doctors, this time the diagnosis is strep throat. Word of advice:  when I looked up home remedies for strep because I really couldn’t eat anything, solid or liquid, I found gargling with cayenne pepper water helps, it just hurts, didn’t even make it so I could eat dinner, and it tasted gross. I do not recommend.

I think we’re now about all caught up with my life! Oh also I really don’t know what kind of job I’m looking for. I’ve been applying on everything from marketing to associate producer, to PR, to technical writing and even thinking of going back to tutoring. To be honest, I’ve even started to try to learn guitar so I can be a busker, or street performer, mostly because I love singing! I feel like I have this great opportunity to find an amazing job, I just don’t know where to look. Ultimately I want to be a writer, but if you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments!career-ideas


8 thoughts on “Story of My Life #2 – Mother, Money, Men, Marketing, and Medicine

  1. JessicaB says:

    Liking your blog, I really enjoyed reading it this afternoon (about 7pm here in the UK). Being friend zoned and layed off sucks I’m sorry to hear that and your car being killed is just horrible. Don’t really agree that an ex cant be a friend tho, just takes a different approach. one of mine is now my best friend, just have to take it slow (we had a rough patch about 6months afterwards that almost ended the friendship, admittingly i was being a bit of bitch towards him) but after we slowed down a bit we became really close again. I shared a lot of mutual friends with him so it was either a lot of awkward interactions or 1 awkward talk to kind of lay out boundaries. i don’t know the exact details (hell he could be a lying cheating dog for all i know) but based on you wanting to be friends at first I’m guessing that’s not the case. (sorry to waffle on, that part hit a little close to home)

    lighter note, I’ve always wanted to visit California and meet an actor, granted i didn’t really know that one (I don’t watch much tv but i promise to google him later) and it always seems so sunny there in media I fucking hate the weather here most of the time (pardon my language). I like the car my little golf is a bit daff but you are the first person I’ve heard complain about an automatic in anything other than a supercars (boys and their toys -.-).
    i did kind of laugh at using cayenne pepper for strep throat,(sorry) anything with pepper in it seems like throwing salt in an open wound.

    I hope to get time to read some more of your blog in the future

    bugger almost forgot
    You should try street magic or mime.
    Mimes are ace


    • Alissa says:

      Thank you so much for writing, Jessica. I love how much you wrote! You’re the sweetest! I think that I’ll definately try for friendship later on, but right now it just isn’t really something I can figure out how to make work. He’s a really nice guy, but sometimes it just feels like he’s victomizing himself (about me) when I talk to him and it makes me feel like a bully 😦

      Yeah, not my brightest moment… peper and open sores are not friends.. lesson learned, don’t trust everything you read online xD!

      The weather here has been pretty confused lately. It’s nice and warm one day then completely stormy the next.
      If you ever do visit California you should let me know! I’m terrible at noticing celebs though. I went to the how to train your dragon 2 premier with my old job and a few of the actors were there. Everyone started screaming and I was just looking around to see if someone was hurt… totally missed seeing the celebs (though I think I saw like.. the hair of the voice actress for Astrid) haha!

      I’m currently woking on another post that’s on happiness that I’m really excited to post (hopefully sometime today)!

      Haha Omg I don’t know if I could be a mime! When I had strep throat I couldn’t talk for about 3 days and that was so difficult I ended using a text to speech app to communicate haha!


      • JessicaB says:

        AWWWW Thank you!!!! only advice I can give is schedule a time to talk where neither one of you will be interupted and just lay everything out. (guys are a bit daff when it comes to taking hints) just don’t do what i did an pretend he doesn’t exist if you run into him, made our mutual friends really uncomfortable. buy hey, i got faith you will figure it out!!

        You mean people can lie on the internet? 😛
        If i ever get the chance I will defiantly let you know, i always figure that a celb will talk to me I wont know who he is and then i will find out a week later that i was a jerk to someone like Ryan Reynolds and didn’t even know it. BUT HOLY CRAP Hollywood premier seems so cool!!! I would love to go to something like that. Oh, using a text to speech act is genius i would have never thought of that. last time i couldn’t talk after oral surgery i was a walking game of charades, a really really bad one.

        I’ll keep an eye out for your next post sounds great.
        I better get to sleep, almost 1am, no work tomorrow but I will probably have people calling in the morning waking me up to hang out. (morning people…..) you take care and keep up the writing, I look forward to reading a lot more of your stuff.


        Liked by 1 person

  2. Alissa says:

    Have a good night!
    So I’ve been told (about guys) yeah I just need to find the time. Job hunting has kinda taken over my life for the past while. I’m finally having a break and I *think* I got a job offer, but it might have just been an invitation to a third interview, haha!

    And yeah the Hollywood premier was so fun! I never thought I would ever be someone who would go to one, but when someone said that there were extra tickets at the office, I’m pretty sure I just poofed into existence next to them. (I don’t remember how it actually happened but that’s my story and I’m sticking with it!)

    I definitely started with horrible charades too (and a piece of cardboard with a pen haha!)


  3. JessicaB says:

    Yeah, job hunting can take all of your easy just don’t forget to have a little fun if you can so you don’t stress yourself into a coma. And you may want to reach out to him just to say hi and tell him you want talk but you haven’t had time recently, gauge his response.

    You poofing into existence next to those tickets is the same thing i do when someone brings sweets to work. “oh yeah CAK….what the fuck jessica where did you come from”. It’s my superpower

    And congrats on the job offer/3rd interview. That’s great news!!!!

    Made down to your read player one review, I find the dream logs really interesting. I can never remember most of my dreams other than the ones where i die and just the dying part is all I retain. Just once I would like to have one full of hot guys with minimal clothes but no i get the ones where random objects fall and kill me.

    New York looked amazing, really enjoyed that read also, but all the food talk made me remember I need food so I am going to cut this short.



    • Alissa says:

      Yeah today I’ve been mostly just playing video games and relaxing, although I’m about to go to a performance by Lea Salonga which I’m super excited for (she was in Miss Saigon, Les Miserables, and was the singing voice of Jasmine (Aladdin) and Mulan ^.^ I’m super excited!

      Poofing into existence with sweets sounds pretty amazing though! mmm… I was watching brain games today and they mentioned mint chocolate chip ice cream… then I was at the beach and saw a few people walk by with ice cream… and now I want ice cream haha!

      Thanks! They actually just sent over an email with the paperwork for the job so.. I’m employed and can totally take it easy (even though it’s only a 2 month contract) I can relax for a bit!

      Haha yeah having a dream with random objects falling to kill you sounds like a really bad way to start a day D: I’m sorry. As weird as it seems though, I’ve found writing out as much of a dream as I can remember when I wake up helps me to remember more of my dreams the following nights! it’s pretty cool. Like last night I had a weird dream where I was interviewing a guy who had gotten away with murder for like 50 years and still had never been caught. Not the safest thing to do in a real situation, but in a dream it was pretty cool 😮

      Omg yeah though, the food in New York was amazing. I don’t know how everyone there didn’t weigh like 600 pounds! (probably because they have to walk everywhere and take the stairs cause apartments with elevators are more expensive though!)


      • JessicaB says:

        YAY!! I am so happy for you congrats on getting a job!!!

        I will be sure to look up Lea Salonga, sounds like someone I would enjoy listening too before bed, and I am glad you are relaxing and having fun, I guess it is a lot easier without having to stress over finding a job.

        I don’t think I have ever had mint chocolate chip ice cream but ice cream right now does sound really good. And i would easily be 600 pounds surrounded by that much good food. I would just end up collapsing into a food coma at the base of the stairs if there was no elevator.

        That is kinda cool (the dream), tho I think i would still be a bit on edge when I woke up.

        Good luck at your new job!!



      • Alissa says:

        Sorry for the delayed reply!

        Thanks! The new job is great. I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement though, so I’m not entirely sure what all I can say about it, which is a bummer because I REALLY want to tell people D:

        When it rains it pours though for job stuff! I’m still getting awesome opportunities emailed to me (but I’m pretty content with where I’m working, even if it’s only a 2 month contract) but I’m also writing articles freelance AND I was invited to possibly work at a trade show (for video games) if they need help.

        I definitely had a super sweet starbucks drink today that tasted like vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge and caramel in it. It was some special they’re running called “Caramel Cocoa Cluster Frap.” Delicious, but WAY sweet!

        What do you think of Lea Salonga by the way?


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