Dream Log Entry #3 – Dare to Dream… About Pirates?

Dream from the night of 3/16 (so pirates and St. Patty’s Day?)



“I know it’s here somewhere,” I mumbled as I threw random stacks of paper from my dresser. My mind flew into a panic when I couldn’t find the small copper Spanish coin, about the size of a nickel. I shuffled my jewelry boxes and necklace stands looking for anywhere it might be hiding on the now chaotic dresser top. My mind reeled, she’s going to be here any minute and the stupid thing just grew legs and walked off!

171138342535_1Desperate to find it, I rushed to my older brother’s room. Before I could even ask, I saw the battered old copper coin hanging from its leather cord around his neck. I shouted his name, but he didn’t seem to hear me.

My head drooped as I began to question the power of the coin. Was it really just creating some sort of illusion? Was I just crazy and saw what I wanted to see? No, I told myself. It’s real, and Emily has to see it!

“Hey!” I called out to him again. This time, he turned to look at me from where he stood in the middle of the room.

“What?” He asked in a flat tone.

“That medallion coin thing…?” I replied, pointing at the coin hanging at his chest.

“Oh, yeah, I saw it in your room and I liked it. Do you need it back?” he said, his tone almost apologetic.

“Please. I need to show it to a friend.”

“Sure,” he replied as he pulled it over his head and handed the cord to me.

I thanked him before returning to the couch and staring at the coin. It looked like just a regular old antique coin, nothing special. My thoughts wandered to what I had seen when I held it, and I couldn’t help but wonder if my brother had seen it too.

Unaware of how much time passed, I heard the doorbell ring. I opened it to a smiling, yet confused, Emily.

“What was so urgent that I had to come here now?” she asked, her arms folded across her chest while she displayed her ever prevalent smile.

“I had to get this back from my brother,” I told her holding the coin out by the leather cord at arm’s length.
“You didn’t need to get it for me if he had it,” she replied, her smile morphing into a scowl as she stared at the coin. “It’s so old… what is it?” she asked after an uncomfortably long silence.

“It’s worth it,” I told her. “Trust me.”

She wouldn’t have believed me if I told her. I wouldn’t have believed her if she’d told me. She sighed and rolled her eyes but it seemed like she was on-board with my flavor of crazy, for today at least. I took in a deep breath and told her she needed to touch the coin. She looked at me as if I was asking her to poke a dead mouse, but she finally did. Then, so did I.

pirate_flag-e13690109261861The world whipped around me. The air had a new coldness, and dampness before I could see clearly. We were out at sea. The deck of the ship rocked below my feet. She saw the flag before I could point it out. Black with a white skull and crossed swords. I took another deep breath in through my nose and could almost taste the salt in the air. It was real.



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