Writing Exercise #3

Let’s practice writing scenery!

Go outside and write about what you see, hear, smell, and how the air/sun/ground feels. You could write about how the outside tastes, especially if there’s a particularly pungent odor that left an unsettling mark in your mouth (let’s hope that doesn’t happen).
This should probably be written in the third person as a narrator, however if you are feeling extra creative go ahead and write it however you feel it will work best.
What this will accomplish: The goal we are going for here is to try to build a general basis of how someone can view the environment around them. This will help when trying to create a descriptive scene when a character first enters an environment, or to paint a scenic picture for the reader.
Response to Writing Prompt #2
“I really just want to push my hand into the dirt right there to leave my hand print!” she said, more excited than she usually was.
The three of us walked by the tree and area of fresh dirt at the base of it, moist from the last few days of El Niño’s rain.
“If you do, your hand will be so dirty,” her twinzie warned her.
We continued to follow her to the next tree on the path where she plopped her right hand down into the dirt and began pressing on her fingers to keep the shape of her hand visible.
I laughed and her twinzie exclaimed “Oh wow! You actually did it!” with her usual smile.5175x
Her hand remained in the dirt for a while so I lifted my foot jokingly and said “let me help” just as I was about to pretend to stomp the back of her hand into the dirt to help her leave her hand print, she moved her hand. As we walked away, they both let me know they thought I was going to stomp on the hand print after it was made. Renee, the girl who placed her hand in the dirt, tried to shake my hand. Her hand was caked in soil, so I told her to shake hands with her twinzie, Tammy, and make up.
“But we didn’t fight today,” Renee exclaimed.
“Shake hands and make up!” I repeated in a commanding yet friendly voice.
Renee tried, but Tammy refused, and instead picked up a stick to hold out. I watched as Renee refused to shake hands with a stick. Tammy insisted that the stick was meant to fend off Renee. The two continued like that all the way back to the office, except for a small discussion they had about potholes, and how Renee never knew that rain caused them, even though she rationalized out how it probably happens.
When we got back to the office door, Renee held it open and refused to let us past unless we shook her hand. After a few failed attempts to get by her, Tammy finally held out her hand for Renee to shake. I also tried to get by her, but it wasn’t going to happen. I saw a leaf on the ground, and thinking back to the stick I grabbed it to attempt to shake hands with that as a sort of glove. Unfortunately, it didn’t really work out. Renee grabbed my wrist, getting dirt all over it. Tammy was complaining that now she had to wash her hands and I brushed the dirt off of my wrist letting Renee know that she got little dirt particles all over me.

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