Review #1 – Book- Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Sorry for my tardiness on this post… without further ado, my review!

Disclaimer: I try not to include any spoilers in my review, however, it’s possible that I give parts of it away by describing my outlook on it. Please understand that these are my opinions on the book and I do not expect everyone to share my thoughts.

What is it?
This Sci-Fi/Dystopian book takes place in the near future of 2044, where there is a global energy crisis, overpopulation, and in general, less than satisfactory living conditions. The book, however, does not dwell much on this veering it away from dystopian and into the world of science fiction. The majority of the book takes great lengths to describe a virtual world, where most of the world’s population tends to spend the majority of their days.

The Good
As an avid gamer and full-time all around nerd, I thoroughly appreciate all of the thought and research that had to be done in order to create the near-future world of Ready Player One. Although I am not terribly familiar with 80s pop culture, Cline accurately described many of the games, music, and movies I do know, without giving too much detail as to pull me from the created world. Likewise, he was able to put just enough description into his writings of references I was less, or even reading about for the first time, to allow me to picture them vividly.
The style that the book was written made the fast-paced action scenes both easy to visualize and decently suspenseful, the book was immersive and enjoyable for anyone’s inner nerd/geek/enthusiast. I was also pleased when I heard the Wil Wheaten audio book version of this book. It was very well read and I was pleasantly surprised, as I typically am not as captivated by books on tape as I am sitting down with their printed counterparts.

The Not-So Good
Although the majority of the book was filled with suspense and page-turning action, there was a thin love-interest plot blanketed over the main story. There were also many parts of the story that I now refer to as “filler” where they really didn’t do anything to drive the main part of the story or build character and just seemed to be used as a “cool-down” or “calm part” between battle scenes. Another disappointing point to the book was that the main character seemed to always have luck on his side, which ruined a lot of the believability of the story for me.

Final Thoughts
I would recommend this book. Even if you are not a die-hard nerd, you will have no trouble following along. This book is an easy read with a story that’s different than anything I’ve seen out there.


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