Happy Thursday! TGIF!

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Happy Thursday!

…is what I would say if it were still Thursday… clearly I’m fairly incapable of actually sticking to a schedule or being on time. Not that this is actually news to me, but I feel like it’s important to say.Anyway, before I go on, I should probably explain what I have planned for the future of this blog. Hopefully if I publish it, then I will feel more obligated to follow through.

2015-calendarAs we all know, there are about 4 weeks in a month, however, that’s really just counting the full weeks as there are 7 days in a week, making 28 days in a month and leaving most months with 2 or 3 extra days per month (excluding this month, February) which is about ~ 1/3 of a week. Why is this important to you? It’s probably not. But it is relevant with what I have to say next!

I PLAN to update my blog every week… every Thursday to be precise. Unfortunately, as this Thursday is now Friday, I’m off to a fairly rocky start, but, as that cliché goes… if at first you don’t succeed…

So here’s the breakdown of what my posts will be about.

First Thursday of the month: Writing Exercises
–  I’m bringing them back ‘cause we all know I need to do them too!

Second Thursday of the month: Reviews
–  So I wanted to start doing reviews of… well, everything I’m interested in. It will range from books, to movies, to TV shows (if I ever decide to watch TV) to Video Games, Restaurants… just want to write about the good, the not so good, and the overall feel!

image obtained from: thedailyenlightenment.com

Third Thursday of the month: Dream Log
–  So this is the third “Thursday” of the month so in theory I should be sharing one of my recent dreams with you, but as I’ve been sick lately and haven’t had any of my usually cool, weird, or just plain scary dreams… I figured I’d just post on “future plans” this time around

Fourth Thursday of the month: Story of my Life
–  So, most of my blog so far has been me ranting or talking or just sharing my every-day life experiences, and I love that! But rather than post weekly on something interesting, cause let’s face it, there’s no way I can just magically make something interesting occur for me each week, I’ll limit these blurbs about my life to about once a month

Fifth Thursday of the month: And the Kitchen Sink
–  Yep, the 5th Thursday! Remember the weird math thing I was doing earlier in the post? Well this is why. Some months (January, April, July, October, and December this year) have 5 Thursdays… so I needed to figure out something that I could periodically post. I figured this category lets me post about anything and everything (you know the old phrase “… everything but the kitchen sink.”) Well I decided to let myself talk about everything, even the kitchen sink if I so desire! (I guess that means this post goes into the  5th Thursday category…)

Image from: 4.bp.blogspot.com

Well, I think that about sums it up. So let’s pretend that this was posted on Thursday instead of Friday… but TGIF! Hope you all have fabulous weekends and tell me what you have planned if there’s something fun (or daunting) on the to-do list!


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