Voting Day

Disney Day 4 is coming, I promise, but today I thought there was a slightly more relevant post that I wanted to share, voting. See, I don’t want to persuade anyone to vote one way or another, and let’s face it, most people have probably already voted today… but not me.

Vote Buttons – Image obtained from

I haven’t really decided if I want to vote because I haven’t really read through all of the campaigns and proposed bills. I’m actually quite irritated at the fact that only the county/city changes are covered in our sample ballets, so about half of the bills we can vote on, require voters to sift through all of the propaganda and advertisements on the internet to figure out what exactly they’re voting on. Unless of course, they want to base their decision on a two sentence blurb they can find on the ballet that is supposed to be used to remind voters what the proposition actually states. Instead, I’m sure, many voters check yes or no based on these short sentences rather than doing the extra sifting and research.

Although I understand voting is important, and without being the change, or at least supporting the change we want to see, nothing will really change. But, the unfortunate truth is that so few people feel like their vote counts, like what they do can make a difference. I’d like to believe it can, I’d like to believe I can trust a short blurb describing a proposition. I’d like to believe a lot of things about politics, but I don’t.

If I do end up voting today, it will only be on propositions. Even if I were to have followed what the candidates stood for, I know they’re only saying what they think I, as a potential voter, would want to hear.

So, here is to hoping that those of you who will, have, or would like to vote, are not just blindly checking boxes based on propaganda you’ve heard on the radio, internet, or television. Here’s to hoping that future voters are encouraged to make more informed decisions, rather than being told what decisions to make by the side with more cash lining their pockets.


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