Day 2 – Magic Kingdom

It has been a long time since I’ve posted on this. Sadly so much has happened that this description will be nowhere near as detailed as the last one. There are some fun stories for it though so not to worry!

When Day 2 started, my friend had just come out to visit us from Texas. Although this was the first time we’d met in “real life” we’d known each other since around 2007 through the wonderful ways of the internet, specifically an online video game called Guild Wars. Not surprisingly, she was just as fun to run around with in an amusement park as she was to run around with in a virtual world!

Magic Kingdom: Across the Lake

The Magic Kingdom was no less overwhelming than MGM studios, although there was less fire here, it was still full of things to do. The day started when we took a boat over to the park! A boat! I couldn’t believe it but it was that or the monorail (if memory serves), so duh, the boat was the obvious choice. By the time we got on, there was very little seating left, I really didn’t mind as I was by the edge taking pictures of the castle from across the water anyway. Apparently the Disney World castle is the Cinderella’s castle and the one in Disneyland (where I grew up going) is Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Learn something new every day.

$32,500…. The cost of that one piece of paper I have hanging on my wall… I think it’s called a ‘diploma’

$2.500… still expensive, but so gorgeous!

First thing I notice when we get there is that the front setup looks a lot like Disneyland’s. We go through and Rob wants to show me a specific shop. We go to the shop and I stop, eyes bugging out of my head because everything is so shiny and sparkly. Apparently there’s a crystal shop in the Disney area that I just literally wanted to buy everything at…. Unfortunately money is expensive and buying everything wasn’t going to be even a little bit of an option. I did end up buying a cute headband with a butterfly on it and some gifts for my friends.

After what felt like an hour, we were done looking at the overpriced shiny things, we go through the castle and see all the mosaic murals inside (if you’re going to the magic kingdom, I highly recommend you do this, they’re beautiful).

Just one of the many Cinderella mosaics you can see when walking through the castle!

Photo bombed by R2-Mickey!!

We went on all the usual rides. I of course wanted to see the differences between the rides first hand, so we went on the Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion. Since I’m such a Little Mermaid fan, Rob and Ally (my friend from Texas) humored me and we went to the Under the Sea: Journey. We did Stitch’s great escape and the little tram that goes around Tomorrowland. That one was really fun because I was blowing bubbles and watching the random people below look up like what?! But by the time they looked the tram was no longer above them… very fun.

At one point in the day we got stuck waiting for the parade to go by and I realized that I was not in good enough shape to be walking this much… I’m not sure if it was my shoes (probably flip flops) or just my lack of being on my feet anymore but I decided to sit down against a wall through most of the parade standing only to take pictures of the cool floats.

I guess there were 3 big things that happened though. First, the log ride… or Splash Mountain, or whatever it’s called, second was to do with Space Mountain and finally was Small World.

-Splash Mountain-

Splash Mountain, Disney World! image obtained from

The day was getting hotter and hotter and, like so many others, we had the bright idea to go on one of the water rides. We were a bit upset when we realized that the only water ride was Splash Mountain and even more upset when we saw how long the line was. Nevertheless we decided to stand and wait, and wait, and wait. Finally we were able to get on and the three of us piled into the log, which I was surprised sit 2 to a row, unlike the logs at Disneyland that have the long bench that each seat one person.

DO NOT TAKE PICTURES ON DISNEY’S BACK LOT!!!!!!! image obtained from

Anyway. We’re going through the ride having fun and all that jazz, go down the first little (and I mean little) and get splashed a tad. Just before the first big drop (not the final drop but the one that you actually cool off from) the ride suddenly stops and we hit the log in front of us. We hear a voice over the speaker telling us to remain in our log… great. About 5 minutes later we hear another voice come over the loudspeaker telling us not to take A few minutes later all the lights come on for the ride and we finally see some cast members, who repeat stay in your log, don’t take pictures behind the ride. About 20 minutes after the ride stopped, they come to our log and let us out, repeating 3 or 4 more times not to take pictures and reiterating loudly as we walked down the emergency escape and through the unpainted back lot to the ride. We saw large gears and other ride parts, and it really wasn’t all that different from what you’d expect when seeing the back lot, but apparently those ride parts were top secret and pictures would destroy them (or ruin the magic?) anyway. We got a free fastpass that was usable at many of the other lines (none were quite as long as the log ride) and none of the cast members would tell us what went wrong or when/if the ride would be up later. We heard someone say that a cable snapped, but nobody was able to confirm it. We used the fastpass to get on big thunder mountain and when the cast members were out of earshot, Rob kept saying, “It’s a good thing none of us took pictures, or Disney would have us ‘disappeared’”

-Space Mountain-

Space Mountain – Disney World! Image –

Not too much to say here, but Ally does not like roller coasters! It took what felt like an hour to convince her to go on it with us. It was rather amusing that we stood in the whole line then after the ride, Rob and I wanted to go again, but she adamantly refused. We gave her the choice of it or Small World and she chose Small World…. After Small World, Rob and I went on it again… Roller coasters are awesome!

-Small World-

This ride is not designed for adults… or people taller than me. I’m 5’3 Rob’s 6’2 and Ally isn’t

Disney World Small World is NOT a castle! made me sad! image obtained from

much shorter. We all sat in one boat. I didn’t think much of it, but I was a little cramped in the boat, then I looked at poor Rob and Ally. I honestly wasn’t sure how they were able to sit, and was afraid they might not be able to get up when the ride was over… not only that, but when Ally noticed the dolls mouths and eyes moved, she freaked out… apparently she doesn’t like dolls either. I was amused for the whole ride, but did feel bad for them. I don’t recommend this ride for anyone taller than me or anyone who doesn’t like dolls singing the same song over and over in a bunch of different languages. As for the ride though, the outside is nowhere near as impressive as Disneyland. The ride itself seemed about the same though.

Just before the projector show started

After the rides were done, we saw the fireworks show, which was great. I highly recommend you go directly to the castle after the show, as they have a beautiful projector show that they play right onto the castle. It was definitely worth the sit and wait. We were thinking of passing it up, but the three of us were glad we stayed.

Cheshire Cat

Wreck it Ralph

That’s pretty much it for the Magic Kingdom, I think the Jungle Cruise ride here is definitely worth going to. It was different than Disneyland from what I remember, but also the cruise person we got was very fun. Too bad I didn’t catch their name or I’d have given them a shout out. Anyway, I promise I’ll put out the next two days (with pictures) soon! There’s also a ton more Non-Disney stuff I need to write about as my life has been rather busy lately, so I’m hoping to post more for the next few months (at least)!


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