Four Magical Disney-Filled Days.

Where Dreams Come True

As you may have read in my last post, Monday March 21, 2014 was the first time I’d stepped foot on Disney World Florida Property… in fact, it’s the furthest away from home I’d ever been! Here is the day-by-day story of my adventures in Disney World Florida.


Ticket Line for Hollywood Studios

First Stop- Hollywood Studios

As my boyfriend put it, he overloaded me with fire on the first day here at the once MGM Studios of Disney World Florida. We went on the Great Movie Ride, which had a reasonable line, but since it doesn’t exist at Disneyland, I had no idea what to expect. (I will likely compare the two parks since I’ve lived in Southern California for most of my life.) Anyway, when the ride started, I was outrageously underwhelmed. Since Rob thought that it was a good ride, I was being polite, but he knew that I was fairly bored, until about the third room that is. I won’t ruin the surprise for anyone, but just know that this ride is more than it appears 🙂

Giant At At at Disney World Florida

After this ride, I practically ran over to Star Tours… they have an Ewok Village and a giant At At Walker in the outside area where the line snakes. We ended up going on the ride and got Vader in the intro, the Wookie planet, and were chased by Boba Fett! Very fun! We went on it a second time, but I honestly can’t remember what we got… it was at the end of the day.

San Francisco Skyline

Fast forward a few hours and we’ve walked around the park to see the sites, eaten lunch at Pizza Planet from Toy Story (where I was greatly disappointed that there wasn’t a claw machine with little aliens). Probably one of the cooler things that I was able to do was take a picture of the San Francisco skyline and the New York skyline while standing in the same place. Even though you might be able to do this at Disney’s California Adventures, the crowd was thin enough for someone of my height to be able to take these to pictures fairly unobstructed.

New York Skyline

Since I had heard wonderful things about the Tower of Terror in Disney World, it was naturally the next stop. I must admit that even though the lobby for the Disney World Tower of Terror seemed smaller than the one in Disneyland, the ride itself is even more legit than the already awesome version in California because it goes through the rooms… too bad I didn’t get to go on this one again, apparently it goes through different rooms each time.

This guy slid through a wall of fire and stayed lit for about 15 seconds flailing about.

Ok, I promised Fire, and here it is. Rob really wanted to go to this stunt show “Lights Motors Action!” and honestly, it sounded incredibly fun… I was not disappointed. Not only did they jump cars, over ramps, they jumped them backwards, drove cars on their side two wheels, jumped motorcycles, lit a man on fire and dozens of near collisions. This show was definitely not something I expected to see at a Disney Park, but I was thrilled that I did.

I had to scoot about 3 feet away from the edge of the tram to keep from getting wet. (sit on the right hand side, while moving forward) to stay out of the ‘splash zone’)

But the fire doesn’t end there. after the stunt show, we went on the ‘Backlot Tour” which is comparable to the backlot tour ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, complete with giant fireball and wall of water racing toward the tram.

But the fire doesn’t end there. After the stunt show, we went on the ‘Backlot Tour” which is comparable to the backlot tour ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, complete with giant fireball and wall of water racing toward the tram.

Ursula Puppet

After the tour, we went to the Indiana Jones show (there was a fair amount of fire here, but since we got to sit so close to the front, the fire was just that much closer. The show was fun, but I personally prefer the Indiana Jones ride, even with the laughs the show brought. Finally we went to Fantasmic when the intercom said “standing room only” I looked at Rob and asked if he would be willing to see the later showing because 1. I didn’t want to stand for the show and 2. There were a few more rides I wanted to check out. First we went to the little mermaid, which I didn’t realize was a show, and was expecting the ride from California Adventure. It was actually really cute, basically the entire little mermaid story wrapped up into a 15 minute show.

While wondering around the park, I heard someone talk about how the ride “Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster” was the best ride at any of the four parks.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Guitar for the Aerosmith themed ride.

“Hey hun? Where’s Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster?” I asked, seeing as it wasn’t his first time in the park.

“The what?”

“There’s apparently another scary roller-coaster type ride… you want to go on it?”

“Um sure?”
“Did you go on it last time you were here?”

“No, if it was here, then my cousin and I didn’t find it.”

I later looked it up and it was opened in 1999, so it was there the last time he went… anyway. We found it on the map and got in line. If you don’t like rollercoasters, this ride is not for you. It starts with at 0-60 mph launch in 2.6 seconds… straight into a fairly tight loop.

Since it’s a Disney ride, I figured, “Well that was cute, guess that’s all there is.” Nope.

A few moments after the loop we hit a high bank then go into a corkscrew. At this point my left hand is on my glasses and I’m worried there will be some sudden jolt that will make them rattle off into the darkness. This ride was not what I’d expected from a Disney park, but I was far from disappointed J


After the ride was over, we had just enough time to make the second show of Fantasmic, which was unsurprisingly fantastic. I’d never seen the Disneyland show, so I was thrilled when we got to see it, not to mention that there was stadium seating. My feet didn’t hurt too much at this point, but they hurt enough to be glad for a place to sit, even if it did start to rain a little… not enough for the people in front of me to buy and wear plastic ponchos… but to each their own…. I guess.

Anyway, that wraps up my Hollywood Studios visit, check back to read and see pictures from the other three parks!


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