March 2014 – Best month of the year… so far ^.^

This was the first through and through good month of 2014.

I totally felt like Simba here for most of March 🙂

At the beginning of the month, my Boss pulled me into his office with a fairly characteristically serious tone. I hadn’t done anything wrong, yet I had a heavy feeling in my stomach that made me walk a little slower than necessary. I walked into the office and closed the door behind me. Since the move to the new offices was fairly recent, there was no other chair and I stood there, wondering what my boss could possibly want to talk to me about.

“So there is no guarantee, but the Marketing department is looking for someone new and there’s a lot of talk about wanting to move you over there.” He finally said.

Will this help me become a better writer?

I stared blankly, out of all the things he could have said, this was the last thing that I’d expected. About 4 months earlier, I went to “Girltopia” a Girlscout Convention in Los Angeles to promote some of our company’s games (primarily Monster High 13 Wishes and Barbie Dreamhouse Party). I had talked to someone in marketing while there and who wondered if I’d be interested. Of course at the time I wasn’t really sure, and to be honest I’m still not entirely sure if it’s for me. As time went on and more people were hired into the department, I figured they’d forgotten about me and I really wasn’t going to bring it up, primarily because I joined the game industry to write creatively.

“So the department asked me if you would be a good choice and I thought that you would be. I thought I’d let you know that you are being considered and that if they do ask you, that it’s ok by me.” He continued.

My mind snapped back to the present. “Oh, thank you. Um, if they do hire me over there, would I still be able to take my trip to Disney World at the end of the month?” I stammered.

He laughed, “I’ll mention it, but I don’t think that would be a problem.”

I nodded and returned to my desk.

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful, and I didn’t want to spread rumors about something that wasn’t guaranteed, so I kept the news to myself. Thankfully nobody really asked. I continued training the two new people who I’d only begun training and work continued as usual.

Finally, I received an email that asked when a good day to meet up was. I set the day for that Friday and met with two of the ladies from Marketing. The meeting went well, because later that day, I was sent an email with a hire packet and pages to fill out to get benefits. Without hesitation, I signed myself out of QA and over to Marketing starting Monday, March 17th… Happy St. Patrick’s day!

Achievement Unlocked: Promotion!

Ally (Left) Me (right) at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

I’d only worked a week before I was scheduled to leave for Florida. I was going to Disney World, leaving Saturday, March 22, and couldn’t have been more excited. I flew into Northern Alabama and drove out to Florida with my Boyfriend. Disney World was fantastic, we went to all four parks (and I could, and might, write a blog post for each park). We met up with one of my guildies at Magic Kingdom and had a blast! By the time Friday came around, both Rob and myself were ready to go, not because it wasn’t fun… but because our feet felt like, well, the feet of gamers trying to be active! Regardless, Disney World was fun and now I’m finally going to get a Disneyland Season Pass… I still think Disneyland is better than Disney World, just because Disney World is so spread out. But my boyfriend and I will probably butt heads with that until the end of time…

Cinderella’s Castle with Mickey and Mini Flowers


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