February 2014

I cannot believe it’s now April… where does time go? Rather than cramming the past 2 months into 1 long post, I think I’ll split it into 2 semi-long posts… after all… a lot happened.


Valentines Day

February 2014

Like January, February didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. Let’s go back in time, all the way back to Friday, February 14th. Work was pretty typical, sit at my half desk, test DreamWork’s How To Train Your Dragon 2 Game, and stare at the clock on my netbook with the corner of my eye awaiting 6:00 PM. I knew I wouldn’t do overtime if… when it was offered, but what could they say? I had plans. Besides, the only times I’d ever turned down overtime in my 6 months of working was for my night class.

Valentine’s Day has never really been my favorite time of the year as my boyfriend lives too far away for us to really do anything spectacular. This year, however, my best friend decided we would all go mini-golfing with her brother, as it was his anniversary with his ex-wife and we all wanted it to be a fun night, besides her brother and I had been trying to get her to go out mini-golfing for a while now.

Around 1:00 PM, just before lunch, I was idly staring at the clock wanting to be just about anywhere else, when my boss entered the room and told us all to go home. He said work was being called early and we should spend this day with our loved ones and family. Nobody had to be told twice.

On my way out I called Holly to make sure everything was still good for that night and I went to go grab some food at Islands, one of my favorite ‘nice’ burger places. I called my friend in Chicago and wished her a happy heart day as well as her children. It was still too early to call my boyfriend, as he was still at work, so I sent him a quick text to let him know my day’s plans, which were: eat, wander around the bookstore, get a starbucks, and head over to the mini-golf course.

Barnes and Noble

In the bookstore, I gave my aunt a call to wish her and my grandpa a happy Valentine’s Day. The conversation was short, and I confirmed I would be going over the next weekend to help her out with Grandpa.

Finally I arrived at the mini-golf course and wow, I don’t think anyone can be worse at that game as me. I think I somehow got a hole in one on one of the putting courses… somehow… but my overall score was sill somewhere in the 40’s over par… yeah, that bad. Regardless, it was fun. We ended up going to a burrito place called ‘Freebird’ which was much better than I’d expected.


Full and satisfied from a fun night, I go home, only to realize my parent’s car is gone. My brother is standing outside so I ask him where they went. I double checked my phone to make sure I hadn’t gotten a missed call or text (by now it’s about 11:00 pm so I find it very odd they’re not home). My brother looks serious, a somewhat uncharacteristic trait, when he says “Grandpa passed away. Mom and Dad went over to say their goodbyes. I can drive you there if you’d like, but I decided I didn’t want to go. I really didn’t want to see my grandpa dead either, so I just said I was going to go inside and I called up my boyfriend, then Holly, then my aunts, parents, and cousin. It wasn’t terribly unexpected, I mean he had brain and lung cancer, and the last time I’d visited (a few weeks prior) he was having a very difficult time breathing.

The funeral was a few weeks later, open casket, with Buddhist chanting and not a single dry eye. We could place items in the casket to be cremated with him. I placed a picture my cousin took, it was of us playing Hanafuda, a Japanese card/tile game where you match tiles of the same season and each tile is worth different points… Grandpa had won, by a lot, but it was still one of the last times I remember him really having fun.

Myself, Grandpa, and Mom playing Hanafuda at my aunt’s dining room table.


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