Why I haven’t written…

I’m so sorry! I really will do the weekly journals but they might become bi-weekly because I just get so busy then distracted by life! Worst part is that this isn’t even the journal update (I have my prompt response mostly hand written out but I haven’t put it into the computer yet!) but I really wanted to share what I’ve been up to because I’m actually quite proud of it, I hope you like it too!

I actually took pictures of this one while it was progressing because it took a really long time!


This image was taken a little over a year ago, I’d say.

This project was originally an assignment for my arts class. The assignment was to make a bust of yourself or someone you associate yourself to be. I choose my main character (My elementalist Tammy) form Guild Wars 1 because I spent so much of high school playing that it seems like this video game character truly is a part of me.


So this one was taken about a week of work after the previous image.

The sculpture was still wet but for the most part it was finished. We were permitted to turn the sculpture in wet so I did. I was afraid it would crack when it was drying.


So this is the backside of the sculpture taken at the same time as the previous image

So this is what took probably the longest. I had to put each individual piece of armor on her … so each little bump was ‘measured’ using the that looks about right… method, cut and scored so it would stay on.


This image was taken about a month ago, maybe 3 weeks ago… so late November early December.


I primed the back side too!

So the sculpture sat in my closet for about a year. It dried not too long after the previous image was taken (maybe a month?) and I put it in my closet and all but forgot about it. I decided I wanted to paint it and was told that since the red is so dark it would be a good idea to prime it so… tada! (I did not take a picture of the sculpture once it was dry and unpainted because the clay dried blotchy and I did not think it looked very nice).


So about a week after it finished priming I began painting the hair and face

So my Guild Wars 1 character had normal colored eyes… I think they were a dark hazel. My Guild Wars 2 elementalist, Who I designed to be a descendant of this character because the game takes place 200 years after Guild Wars 1 has purple eyes (I have a strange love of purple eyes). So I decided that my origional Tammy Redda character also had purple eyes (my Guild Wars 2 character has the same name as my Guild Wars 1 character… in case it was not already confusing enough ^^)


Finished the sculptures paint last week!

So this is the finished sculpture… this is what I’ve been up to for the past month and a half… I had a lot of fun! I will start doing the writing prompts again this week but I think they will be bi-weekly instead of weekly.


Here is the back!

So I used a course brush to texture the hair, you cant really tell in the picture but in person you can see it a lot better. I really think it made a difference because it looked like there were real strands of hair. Below the sculpture is a picture I printed out of my elementalist from Guild Wars 1. The backside of the armor did not turn out quite as I had hoped but that was mainly because when I was placing the little armor pieces, I wanted to make it more realistic looking by making them seem more random than have an actual pattern… it made it very hard to paint.


Side picture complete! (sorry its a bit blurry)

Just for the sake of thoroughness, here’s what she looks like from the side… considering she is a 3D sculpture. Oh and because I failed to mention it anywhere else, I used acrylic paint for this project. I’m still fairly new to painting but I mostly used “Basic” paint, at least i’m pretty sure that was the company…


So here is a screen shot of my elementalist from Guild Wars 1

Since this was one of my first sculptures like this (i think it was my 3rd clay sculpture ever) I didn’t know I could have stuck sticks in her hair then later attached flags on them… I didn’t think that would stay so I might consider gluing something in for those, but I am not committed to or not to do it. You might also notice that some of the completed sculpture images have a printed version of her from many angles, I was using those for color reference.

That’s all!


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  1. Alissa says:

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    This was a post I did a few years back on another blog of mine. I wanted to share it here as it goes through some of my process for creating a larger sculpture and the work I went through, as this was my first humanoid sculpture ❤


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