Writing Exercise… Week #1

Yesterday, I wanted to post about this idea I have: come up with a new writing exercise and write to it every week. Instead I was distracted by the internet… oops.

Anyway, the plan is to post a writing exercise once a week, lets say on Thursdays… because I’ve never been a particular fan of Thursdays… perhaps this will help. I will post my response to the prompt the following Thursday, along with the new writing exercise for that week (like how newspapers do the crossword puzzle answers in the following day’s paper). Hopefully I can stick with this… my posting history is against me, but we shall see.

Image obtained from http://ingridsnotes.files.wordpress.com
I thought this was a cute way to visualize writing exercise ^^

Here is the first Writing Exercise Prompt.

Place two characters of the same gender, similar backgrounds, and similar socioeconomic status in identical situations but give them two completely different reactions.

Purpose: To experiment how different personalities can completely change a situation and its surrounding environment.


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