This just makes me sad…

So I was perusing Facebook, a rare occasion for me, when I saw someone had posted a link with this picture.

The title was “Not Cool Urban Outfitters, Not Cool.”

Curious about the title, while thinking these necklaces were extremely cute, I decided to click on the link. It took me to a girl’s tumblr. account which I will attach. Basically, she had written up that Urban Outfitters had stolen her idea of making these necklaces (which she was already producing and selling via Etsy). I didn’t even know companies did that sort of thing, but according to her (and supported by an attached news article) they do. This is really just not something that should be supported and hopefully she will be able to do something about it. Making a living off of art is difficult enough without ideas and products being stolen by large businesses. I guess I’m just naive and expect better of companies. I’m spreading the word because I’m sure (at least I’m assuming) that I’m not the only one out there that didn’t know large companies steal from independent artists.

Stevie’s Tumbler Article

Stevie’s Etsy Shop

Yahoo News Article about Urban Outfitter’s


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