Whats New Since Graduation!

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote about what I’ve been up to. Looks like I haven’t really updated since graduation, sorry about that. My life’s been a bit more hectic than usual these past few months. The “real world” is not too much different from being a student but it still seems I never have any time. My diploma did eventually come in and is currently hanging on my wall.

Before I forget to mention, my room is completely different. I am still working on upgrading all of my furniture, but I do have a “new” bed and desk (the bed was bought off a friend of mine and the desk was from IKEA… I used at my apartment and house in Merced).

Wallpaper like wall decor above my bed. Says "Live the life you've Imagined"

Wallpaper like wall decor above my bed. Says “Live the life you’ve Imagined”

Anyway, I don’t know if I have a picture of what my room used to look like, but I have a hand-drawn blueprint-style layout of how it looked. As for the walls, I outgrew a lot of the old wall décor, primarily the anime wall scrolls and took them down, replacing them with wall decorations that reflect the current me. Also, I now have a bright area rug and some “Vinyl Wall Art” which I have been calling Temporary Tattoos for my walls (because they are applied in a similar fashion). I also put up many new fairy and dragon posters that I have had for a while just didn’t have a good place to hang them.

Did I get a job? Yes. That is the main reason I have been so busy lately. It took me less than a month after graduation to get a job, it was awful. Worse than anything I had ever done and I just try and block it from my memory. Long hours of telemarketing…fun. Luckily I didn’t work there long. In fact the very day I stopped working, a recruiter called me back for an interview I’d had almost a month before I’d acquired the job saying that I’d been accepted for the position. The new job was an underwriting assistant (or something along those lines) at a company called Pacific Life. I turned this job down, however, because I had an interview at a game company for a QA position. I asked if the job could be held, but unfortunately, there were other candidates on the list and the position needed to be filled quickly. I thanked my recruiter and told her I would keep her informed on the video game position. Even though I was turning down a sure thing that paid more, I knew I could get another job like that if the gaming one fell through, but I had a good feeling.

I have now been working at the gaming company for nearly 3 months and I absolutely love it (although admittedly, the above video is pretty true). The hours are longer than any other job, but here I am working for something. If I do the entry level work and work my way up through the system, it is possible that I can eventually work my way to write for a game development company. Of course nothing is set in stone and I have to work my way up the latter and through the system, but at least I have a foot in the door job where eventually I will see shelved video games that have my name in their credits!

Free Time: Well, I finally finished unpacking, so I’m no longer living out of boxes! YAY! Somehow my room is still clean after a few weeks of finally bringing it to look as it does now.

I miss playing this game everyday… Image obtained from http://www.guildwars2levelingguide.net

As for video games, I haven’t had time to play, at all. It’s kind of lame really. Unfortunately, not having much free time means I haven’t really had much time to write either. Just yesterday I realized that my shows had already started and I am already about a month behind.

Image obtained from commonplacebooks.com

I was able to get into a podcast, however. They’re easy enough to listen to while driving and not distracting. A coworker was talking about it so I decided to give it a go. It’s a podcast called “Night Vale” and it’s really interesting. The setting is a desert town that has paranormal activities take place on a regular basis. The whole show is told from the perspective of a radio host. If you are into strange paranormal things, I’d give this one a shot.

Also, last weekend I went to San Diego to listen to a Yellowcard show. It was pretty good, they played the acoustic version of the Ocean Avenue album and a few of their new songs. I will admit that I was quite unimpressed with their opening act. I don’t remember his name, but he could play guitar, but couldn’t sing for beans. Anyway, after that my boyfriend and I went to Disneyland and California Adventure.

Second Indoor waiting area for Star Tours at Disneyland Image From http://www.magicticketdiscounts.com

If you are planning a trip to these parks soon, Disneyland’s must see is Star Tours and California Adventure’s is World of Color. I do recommend reserving a place at a restaurant to get the preferred fast pass seating (just call in a few days in advanced). Also if you do this, they are starting to charge people who do not show up for their reservations, you have been warned. It is completely worth it, especially if you are short, like me. If you do get this, show up a bit earlier to the location than recommended. When I went there was a tall guy in front of me (in the front row) with his kid on his shoulders. I couldn’t see very well. I also recommend standing on the dock (they will shoot water at you near the end of the show and it is at night so bring a jacket or something if you get cold easily). I also recommend standing near the front to the right hand side of the dock as if you stand to the left (facing the water) there will be a large pole blocking your view.

Disney’s California Adventure – World of Color Image From blogs.babble.com

That’s all that’s been going on in my life for now, that I can think of…! Hopefully I will update again soon so I don’t have to write another essay!

❤ Alissa


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