Thanks for the Reminder

I was in such a writing slump, couldn’t produce anything meaningful, anything expressive. Then, on Friday, I heard this song on my way to work and all the fog lifted. I remembered why I love writing, why I want my voice heard. It reminded me that poetry was powerful, that it was important. Somewhere I had lost sight of the reason for writing, and my passion was sitting on a fence. I read some of the comments on this video and it reminded me just how intolerant a world we live in is. It also showed me that the outspoken voices can and are being argued. That there are people willing, ready and actively standing up for others.

Don’t just write for yourself, but don’t write for others. Write because you have something to say. Because you can’t morally just sit on the information you have. Write for the need to express. Write something with meaning and never fear judgment, because not everyone will agree with you, but not everyone will disagree.


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