Korean Drama

So, I haven’t seen a Korean Drama in years, but from what I hear and what I remember, they’re intense. My life has been about par with this for about a month or so. The first event sparked when I was sitting in my living room, just chillin’ on the couch watching tv. My phone rings, it’s my dad. My dad almost never calls me unless it’s for bad news so I answer, not knowing what to expect, but not expecting it to be good.

“Did your mom already call you?” is the first thing I remember hearing.

“No, why? Should she have?” was my reply, confused.

“Oh, we’re at the hospital right now.”

“What, why?” panic was starting to set in.

“Your brother got into a motorcycle accident.”

“Is he ok?” I almost interrupted him.

Before I continue, there is a bit of a backstory here. My brother and I have always had a rocky relationship. Not always bad, but not always good. Just before this I kept having dreams that I should call him up and see if he was ok. Right about now I was kicking myself for not.

Probably not the exact model of his bike, but it was a red sports bike! —Image from Honda.com—

“His bike is totaled.” My dad replied completely ignoring my question.

“Is he ok?” I asked again.

“We’re in the hospital right now.”

My mind raced, why can’t he give me a straight answer. I thought the worst.

“Is he ok?” I asked a third time, more urgent than the last few.

He dodged the question again so I finally interrupted and said,

“Is he in critical condition?”

A long pause and finally, my dad said, “No, but he’s pretty injured.”

We talk for a bit longer and then hang up. One of my housemates was cooking in the kitchen and asked if everything was alright. I said that I just found out my brother was in an accident. My dad had told me where and I never liked the area. There’s a short merge under a freeway and I’ve seen countless accidents there.

Over the next few days I was clued in on what happened, but I didn’t want too many people at my school to know so I was careful who I told. It’s never fun to be the center of a pity party.

There were a bunch of other little things, that occurred around this time. Since my grandpa was sick, I had most of my family decline their invitation to my graduation. My phone broke and I had to go to another city for them to even check if the warrantee would cover it, thankfully it did. I had to study for finals, got into a fight with my long-term boyfriend, and found out about all the drama that was going on around me. Lost a few friends, that is to say became the center of being ignored by people I thought were friends, and graduated, losing two jobs that require me to be a student to have.

This brings us to yesterday, actually the day before yesterday. Since I am in the process of moving out, I had to get Taiko’s club stuff (drums, shirts, etc.) out of my garage. I drove it over to my teammate’s house and unloaded my car, leaving my keys in the passenger’s seat while I lifted a wine barrel sized drum and wheeled it into her garage. I couldn’t have been away for more than a few minutes, but when I returned, my keys were gone.

Add my car key, a motorcycle key chain, and a flash drive and its almost exactly what I lost!
—Image from cloudtweaks.com—

I searched for about 3 hours around my car and in her garage and found nothing. Eventually I called a locksmith and was grateful that my housemate left my spare in her room, even though both my housemates were out of town so I had no way to enter the house save for a locksmith. The almost negligible time it took him to pick the lock to my front door was a bit disconcerting, but other than that I was glad to be in the house. I showed him my lease as proof I live here, at least for another week. I wrote down my license plate numbers and car’s vin number so that if someone did steal my keys, I would have record. I also filed a police report that they were missing and possibly stolen.

Then, yesterday happened. As if the universe was saying sorry for the mill it turned me through the past semester, I got a call about two hours after I put my resume online. I have an interview on Tuesday! Now, I just need to finish packing.


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