Quaggan Earrings!

So today I decided to go down to Hobby Lobby and get some clay. It was $1.99 per color, the brands were all about the same price. I have only ever worked with clay one other time. I was in elementary school, maybe middle school, so I was too young to remember if this was a good brand or if it mattered.


I used Kato Polyclay.

I knew I wanted to make quaggan earrings (quaggans are an NPC race in Guild Wars 2). I ended up making 3 pairs for a few of my friends as well and I think they turned out alright! (I am currently wearing a pair!


On the workspace

They were surprisingly easy, only took around 15 minutes plus baking time, once I got the hang of it. The first pair took about an hour, I think I kneaded the clay too long and it was hard to have it keep the bubbly shape.


So tiny!


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