Valentine’s Day

So today is Valentine’s day. A day where culture tells us to celebrate relationships. It’s all fine and dandy, but what if you don’t want a day that tells people to be all lovey dovey. What if you want it to be spontaneous and fun, not forced. Just a little tidbit. I’m really not against Heart Day, though I will admit to wearing an button with a heart that had a line through it in high school. That feels like so long ago.

Not that you care too much, but here were my waking thoughts this morning.

“Too early to wake up, hit snooze. Omg I should have left for class already…. Oh well, wait why didn’t my alarm go off… oh that wasn’t snooze. Oh well.”

Here were my thoughts yesterday. “Too early to wake up, hit snooze. Still too early hit snooze again… oh I should get up now.”

Not much different, aside from missing my morning class… I really should get a new alarm app!

Before it clicked that today was Valentine’s day, I was thinking about going to the bar, then the radio said “come tonight and get Valentine’s day special offers” and I was like oh, well, I guess I’m not going to go to the bar tonight!

I guess if I were to say one thing about today, it would be that I really don’t need anything special. Not from my boyfriend, not from anyone. To me it seems like just another day. Even though so many people make such a fuss, I would be happy with my regular routine.


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