The Broken Pot

My roommate moved it over to the side so it was out of the way.

My roommate moved it over to the side so it was out of the way and the dirt had been mostly cleared.

Near the end of winter break, I got a text from my roommate saying that someone broke the pot we had by our front door. Just a simple clay pot, filled with dirt, and nothing growing in it. She said that she didn’t think it was an accident because it was in pieces and the dirt was all over our front entry way and welcome mat, which is in dire need of replacing. She put it to the side so that it wouldn’t be in the way. A few days later, I returned to the house. The pot was stacked neatly to the side, but our welcome mat still had some dirt on it and I agreed that it didn’t seem like an accident. More confused than anything, we tried to think of who would break out pot, and why. We couldn’t think of anyone, so rather than frustrating ourselves more, we decided that since we had locked the house up, someone must have tried to get in, when they realized they couldn’t, they got frustrated. Now, normally when this happens, someone will flip a table, but since all of the tables were inside, thus unreachable and definitely unflippable, they decided to break a pot instead.

Now my roommate and I have been saying “UGH, Break a pot!” rather than “OMG, Flips table!”



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