Amigurumi Crochet!

Pink Jelly

The pink jellyfish!

Lately I have picked up a new hobby, crocheting cute little animals. First one I made was actually for a friend of mine’s birthday. It ended up being a baby flamingo as the yarn I got was very soft and reminded me of a little birds feathers when they’re still a baby. That was around Thanksgiving. After Christmas and new years I decided that I would use the crochet books that I bought a while back and see if they looked as cute if I made them as they did on the page. The first one that I made took me way longer than it should have it was a pink jellyfish that I kept messing up on and having to unravel and start over with. The end product was cute, but I didn’t have the right sized eyes, actually I didn’t have the eyes at all and ended up just using buttons.

Rainbow Jelly with my laptop playing GW2 in the background!

Rainbow Jelly with my laptop playing GW2 in the background!

The next crochet critter I made was a rainbow jellyfish, as suggested by some of my friends. It turned out very cute. By this time I was able to buy the actual eyes I was supposed to use on the pink one. This one was much easier, as I already knew what I was supposed to be doing. I may have over stuffed it a little and made the stitches too tight at a part of the body/head/stuffed part of the jellyfish, but I still think it was alright. The tentacles were a bit harder and I modified the pattern a little, rather than having three in the center and 6 around, I made 6 in the center and 6 around so that I could have each rainbow color twice. It was harder to fasten these in than the pink one too, because I did not have as much lenience on where I was able to sew them in. It also didn’t help that at the time I had misplaced my yarn needle so I had to use my hook.

The most recent project that I made was a squirrel. It was also a birthday present. This one had, a lot of complications too. The pattern called for having a felt muzzle, but I didn’t have felt, and since I am such a procrastinator, by the time I got to that part of the project, any store that

B-day Squirrel

B-day Squirrel

would have it was already closed, and I needed it to be done before I woke up the next morning. The next issue I had came after I finished crocheting all the pieces of the body and the tail. As the body was a different color than the tail, (the tail and feet were both dark brown and the body was a lighter brown) I had to use different yarns. Unfortunately I used two different brands without realizing how much of a difference they had in weight. Although I Probably could have gotten it closer to the pattern by using a smaller hook on the heavier yarn, I didn’t think about it until after the tail was complete. Since I was pressed for time, I did not want to unravel it. I ended up sewing it on and seeing the tail stick straight up about a head above the rest of the squirrel.

That night while I lay in bed, half asleep, I thought that maybe if I pulled the top of the tail down and kind of curled it the best I could, it might look cuter and more squirrel-like. I ended up doing those finishing stitches in the morning when I got up and I think it turned out alright, especially considering I had only really been doing this about a month.


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