Never Forget

11 years ago today the United States underwent a great tragedy. I was still in grade school, only 5th grade. At 10 years old, I didn’t really understand what was going on. I remember seeing bright red and orange colors on the curve of my family’s old CRT Television. I was thinking to myself, “Why are my parents watching cartoons? Don’t they normally watch the news?” When I asked, my mom told me not to come into the room and to just eat my breakfast. My parents were in shock. I don’t even remember my dad saying anything. I went to school and knew something had happened, I just didn’t exactly know what it was. My teacher was sitting on her desk crying. I had never seen anything like that. She vaguely told the class what had happened and asked us to take a moment of silence. Throughout the week I was able to piece together the events that had occurred and realized the weight of what had happened.

Do you remember that day 11 years ago? Remember what you were doing, how you felt? Did you know anyone who was lost? Know someone who lost someone? It was a Tuesday morning, a normal day for Americans all over. For nearly 3000 citizens, it was just another day at work, just another morning at the airport. It could have been anyone. Never forget, life is fragile. When your day is getting you down, rather than thinking of how it could be worse, think of what made it good. Remember the day you finally get a warm shower after a month of no hot water, or when you get to eat your favorite food after a few days of ramen noodles. I would say to live every day like it’s your last, or live life to its fullest or another cliché, but that’s just it, they’re cliché.

What I’m trying to say is, remember the good and bad, but dwell on the good. Trudge through the mud but notice the humming birds around the flowers. Never forget, you have no contract with life, there is no guarantee you will wake up tomorrow.


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