Quick Update!

I have no internet right now, very sad. It won’t be activated until Friday, even more sad. It feels like I’m stuck in this disconnected world without it, so much so that I’ve been leaching internet off friends the whole week. I don’t think it would have been as upsetting if Guild Wars 2 Headstart did not start on Saturday and launch today. It seems I haven’t had internet for 2 weeks now because I was without it in Vegas, which was extremely fun, and barely used it when I got back to my parents house ’til when I left again for school. Thank goodness my University has WiFi or else I would have sat in a corner and cried until Friday. Hopefully once my connectivity with the world is restored, I will write more often, besides I still need to mention some of what happened in Vegas. It was the first time I got drunk after all.


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