Friday I bought a dress. It was my size for any other company I have tried on lately, and even the same size for other dresses in that store. Unfortunately, this one didn’t zip all the way up. I really liked it on the hanger but decided not to look at it if they didn’t carry my size. Before I go on, here’s a little back story on why I wanted to buy a dress. My birthday is coming up in 11 days, and it’s one of the “big ones” 21. I’m going to Vegas and I decided I want to be amazing. in the past 3 months I have lost almost 35 lbs and counting, claps for myself. Anyway, I decided I would wear a dress, and not just any dress, an amazing prom-style dress. Back to the dressing room. I’d been shopping for a dress nearly every day for two weeks, be it online or in stores. I was exhausted. I decided to try the dress on one last time zipping it part of the way up to look at it in the mirror and convince myself I wasn’t giving up the right dress. It didn’t work. I looked in the mirror and knew, against my better judgement, I would be walking out of the store with that dress. After talking to a consultant and a few other customers telling me the dress looked great on me I bought it. On my way home I stopped at a craft store and bought eyelets, thread, and some ribbon. I returned to that store Saturday, Sunday and today to pick up little items that I didn’t realize I needed or ended up needing more of. I cut out the zipper after taking a few measurements then double and triple checking. Once the zipper was in and in the right place, I carefully measured out where the eyelets went and spent the next two days putting them in. Today I finished it off by putting the lacing in through the eyelets and tying/sewing the ends so they wouldn’t fray. I couldn’t be more excited for my birthday to come. I can’t wait to wear my customized corset dress with my senior prom shoes and a cute tiara.


2 thoughts on “Alterations

  1. Inky says:

    How funny that’d I think to check your blog right before writing about making alterations to a skirt and to find that you’ve written about alterations too! Hope I get to see a picture! ♥


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