“You want to write? Write. Don’t wait for the muse. Write. Just plant your butt in a chair and write.” ~ James V. Smith, Jr.

This is how I felt today. I wanted to write, but i didn’t feel like writing. No matter how hard I tried to want to write, I just couldn’t. Finally when the Merced Sun was going down because it is too hot to do anything around here outside when the sun is playing in the sky, I went to the park with my laptop. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and it was just the inspiration I needed. Though I was following an outline I’d made earlier for my story I was able to sit down and Finish chapter 7 before I lost too much light and the night bugs came out to play. Fortunately I left before they could eat me… or fly into my mouth like yesterday at commencement. By the way congratulations to those of you who Graduated Class of 2012!

Anyway, I finished up what I had of my written outline (the beginning of chapter 8) in the novel I’m currently pouring my life into “River’s Wings.” If I’m lucky it will be published. If I’m not lucky… well there’s always publishing through Amazon….

Well, the moral of the story here is that even though I went out to try to find a muse, really I just wanted to escape the heat of my room and the park had a nice breeze and a bench in the shade! So really, this quote is something to keep in mine the next you, or I get bored and want to work on that one piece of writing that’s calling out but you’re just not quite in the mood.


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