Its Been a While…

I haven’t written much here lately, but i’ll do a quick recap from when I last posted. I witnessed a car crash on my way to a hobby store to buy paint. Nobody was severely injured, but one of the people had an asthma attack. I got a job as a writing tutor and had a few people visit me. My best friend since 7th grade got married. Her wedding was gorgeous and I wish them the best of luck and eternal happiness! I hope they prove my ideas of marriage wrong and prove everyone who said they got married too young wrong (she’s 21 and he is 22). Once again good luck! I’ve had family drama which need not be discussed. Last week my boyfriend bought his ticket to fly out for San Diego Comic-Con International. Thinking about Comic-Con, I found myself not one but two different illustrators with two different styles to work on a comic book and a graphic novel with me. One I found about a month back the other I found today, well in reality one of my co-workers introduced us. Anyway, I’m no less excited considering my first artist backed out on me with out so much as a goodbye. Oh and one more thing! I learned that even though I can’t draw to save my life, not even stick figures, I can sculpt.

This is a sculpture I made based off what one of my video game characters, Tammy, looks like. (the  video game is Guild Wars)

The character I based my sculpture on.


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