Writing Homework

So, this semester I decided I wanted to be artsy and take two writing classes and a sculpting class, along with an upper division Cognitive Science. I just finished my homework for one of my writing classes and surprisingly loved it. Here is some background first. The course is called Seminar in Creative Writing and at the very beginning of the class we are told we are to read a minimum of 40 pages a week of whatever book we like. I personally am trying to accomplish a book a week and so far have done better than I expected. Anyways, the assignment is to write a response to the 40+ pages that were read and to copy down a page of text (citing it obviously). The response was fun because I was able to take a side character and write from their first person perspective. But what I found amazing was the page of text. It’s copied down by hand and it really gives a feel for the writing style. Not saying I would want to copy someone else’s style, but it gives me a good idea of how different authors are. It helps me connect with my own writing by letting me take writing I like and embodying it differently than just reading it. It really makes me think about how language works and what I need to be thinking of when I write in order to make my own works better. As strange as it sounds I’m thinking that whenever I stop reading for a day, I should write down my favorite page of the section in a notebook. We’ll see how that goes, but I am serious about it being helpful. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I can integrate what this is teaching me into my own writings.


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