Who am I?

Nobody, somebody, just another person posting another blog on the internet. Before I begin posting stories laced heavily with my own commentary, I figured you might want to know who I am. I love reading, writing. One of my all time favorite authors is Douglas Adams and I tend to reference him a lot. I also have rooted interest in cartoons, video games, and pretty much everything that’s adorable. I see myself as easygoing and silly, both qualities I hope will follow me forever. I have trouble believing in life after death; however there are times where I go back and forth. Although I practice martial arts, I do not believe in violence. That doesn’t mean I don’t support the military or am not grateful towards the soldiers who fight to keep my comfortable level of living, because I do and am. I just don’t believe I could ever intentionally hurt someone out of spite or malice. I like hanging out with people and chatting until I’m blue in the face. I really care about my friends and family, no matter how I may act. I love my boyfriend who lives so far away it is ridiculous, but we seem to make it work. I hate unnecessary drama and do my best to avoid it. There’s not much more I can think of to add but if anything comes to mind I’ll be sure to add it.


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